zaterdag 22 december 2012

The Aftermath...

1621, Third Day of the Sacred Time

After the fight with the Broo, the party are checking for wounded, looting the dead, and trying to revive collapsed Herculon.  They are too busy to notice the scorpion man sneaking up, until the evil creature is within charge range.  The scorpion man emits sleeping waves as a chaotic feature, and the entire party, with the sole exception of Giomanach, falls asleep.

The scorpion man chasing Giomanach.
The scorpion man notices Giomanach remains standing, and charges forward to skewer the lightly armored mage.  Giomanach is clever and scared enough to run, increasing the distance between the scorpion man and the rest of the party. Raiko and Jaya come to their senses, as does still wounded Daerius.  The latter attempts a first aid.  Meanwhile, Giomanach is under attack from the scorpion man, and desperately blocks as much as possible.  He gets lucky and blinds the scorpion man, buying himself some time.  In the meantime, Raiko summons an undine and makes it head towards the scorpion man,

Herculon, in the meantime, is still trying to wake up, but after a few seconds of awareness he loses conscienceness again.  But now, the party has a much better chance:  the undine has enveloped the beast, and the sleeping rays are filtered out.  Between the three of them, the party would still have had a hard time, will both warriors out of action, but the undine saves the day.  The scorpion man drowns.

Once the dust settles, a party of riders appears.  These are the guards of Duke Raus of Rone, who have come in aid of the fort, with some delay.  They have been informed by Tameh, the rescued kid, and are thankful the party took care of the broo and the scorpion man so efficiently.  The party is invited to Ronegarth, and receives healing and shelter for the night.

he next, fourth day of the Sacred Time, the party leaves Ronegarth, heading north on the Zola Fel.  As they approach the north Bog, they are recognized as the River Voices, and are made to feel very welcome.  Raiko enchants the crowd with his stories.  They meet the Naiad, get acquainted to the catfish Zola Fel Priest Bright-Eye, meet a Agimori warrior, kill a gorp or two, and then continue their voyage to Pavis, taking along a severely wounded newtling, called Ge'hechya and a dead newtling, by the name of Ma'Char.

During their stay with the Naiad and Bright-Eye, Raiko has taken the vows as a Cleansed One lay member.
  Now, when heading north, they sail into a rare sight: on the left bank the fishermen villages, on the right sight, high up the bank, a huge encampment from the Sun Dome Templars.  The adventurers notice a huge ballista on the bank, and for a moment they think they're running into an ambush.  Then the River Barge hits the huge gorp lying in the Zola Fel.  The crash is so unexpected, that several party members are catapulted into the water.  It takes some aid from the driver undine to get everyone out of the water safely.  In the process, the boat is ripped in two.

They notice Yelanda, now a Rune Lord, standing amongst the commanders at the command tent.  Jaya returns the crown of Yamsur to her, making a friend for life.  Yelanda speaks for the party, who want to resurrect the newtling Ma'Char, much against the inclination of the Sun Domers.  The party get their way, and Ma'Char and Ge'hechya leave for their hometown, after making a promise of returning and serving the party for one year.  The party tells the Sun Domers all they know about the Gorps, the Breeder Gorps, and their experience in trying to kill them.  This Breeder is huge.

he next day, the Sun Domers have gathered tens of wizards, and with the aid of a troop Humakti and the party, they intend to kill the chaotic breeder in one blow.  The plan fails, and hundreds of little gorps escape, but the backup plan that is in place works: the entire area is cleared out, only few are wounded, and only lightly, and the scourge of the Zola Fel is lifted. The Sun Domers are grateful, albeit with the usual reservations.  They allow teh adventurers to restock damaged weapons and supplies, before offering them another boat to get back to Pavis.  They hook up with their friend, Storm Voice Ademin.  He has been loyally waiting with their goods, and bids them farewell after they loaded the 7 crates onto the Sun Domer boat.  Ademin continues south, after advising Herculon to become an acolyte as soon as possible, and learn consecrate.  Services too Orlanth are necessary, and much too rare these days.  As the barge sailed north, Ademin sung a song of storms and winds.  If only the Sun Domers would realize exactly what the cargo was...

zaterdag 8 december 2012

Up the Zola Fel

1621, Third Day of the Sacred Time

The party has investigated the mudshark den, and returns with a plan.  With some trouble, they manage to get up into the cave.  Good thing though, they manage to get in unheard.  Raiko and Jaya  enter the rightmost cave, and discover a mudshark sleeping.  Raiko sneaks up to the monster, and kills it silently in its sleep.  The rest of the party heads the other way, and alert a next of younglings with a female mudshark.  The creatures attack at once, but prove no match for this hardened party.  They hardly manage to threaten the adventurers, and within seconds the mudsharks are dispatched and the mission accomplished.  When they return to Sa'ar, the Zola Fel priest, to report a successful mission, they are received as heroes.  All along the town they get congratulated and hailed as river voices and heroes of Corflu, Zola Fel favorites.

Sa'ar has arranged a boat with a pilot and undine for their travel north, and after a night of heavy partying and drinking, the adventurers head for Lokazzi and beyond.  On the second day, along the Zola Fel, they are hailed by a young boy accompagnied by an otter.  The boy requests their help with getting rid of a gorp in his cave.  The party helpfully complies, and follow the youngster into his narrow cave, where they discover a gorp in the water indeed.  Using their Zola Fel River Eye, they quickly spot the creature in the murky water, and a few disruptions and fire arrows take care of the chaos abomination quickly.  The grateful fellow gifts Jaya with a bronze and golden shield that lights up in the dark.  Then the party accepts his invitation to visit his homestead.  The adventurers follow the young boy through the marshes, through murky pools, mangrove trees, and finally arrive at a ramshackle collection of huts in a clearing amidst the trees.  The homesteaders receive the heroes with respect, and offer them a meal and lodging.  The next morning the party returns to the river, and heads north against the Zola Fel current again.  The banks become more and more overgrown with vegetation as they head up north.  They arrive at a homestead close to the bank, and are hailed by a lady inside the walls of the stead.  She is in despair, as a gang of broos have just kidnapped her young son and adolescent daughter.  Her husband and brother have left only hours ago, in a futile attempt to follow and kill the Broo and rescue the children.  According to the woman, the Broo were ten, led by a shaman.  Our heroes do not dawdle.  They quickly find the trail and head off into the woods on a rescue mission.

It takes them a few hours, before they hear sound of melee in the distance.  When they check out the situation, they see the two Rivermen, surrounded by ten or so Broo.  The children are kept in check by one of the Broo, the Shaman is overseeing the events, and the 8 other Broo attack the two helpless men.  Herculon, in his typical idiom, charges forward, followed, after some hesitation, by Raiko.  The rest of the party, however, fails to respond as quickly, creating a dangerous situation for our heroes.  The charging heroes cannot avoid the brutal murder of the two tribesmen.  Within seconds, Herculon and Raiko face 7 Broo, while another one charges forward in an attempt to prove his exceptional valor.  The Shaman starts casting Malia's scourges upon the party members, who quickly learn Avert is no remedy for Malia's terror theism.  At first, Herculon seems to buckle under the pressure from 4 Broo, but he withstands the attacks, and in his berserker fury, after suffering several wounds, he manages to cut one broo in half through the chest.  The other Broo keep hacking at him, and the suffers several other serious wounds, which he barely notices in his Berserk fury.  Raiko has three opponents, and defends himself bravely, but lacks the destructive power of the berserker.  The last Broo is intercepted by young Daerius, and after a short fight the Talastaring prevails.  The aid allows Herculon to decapitate two other Broo quickly, and after about half a minute, the situation is already looking a lot better.  

As the Shaman notices the change, he retreats, accompanied by two surviving Broo, and taking the kids along.  Our heroes sense the danger, and start sprinting.  Raiko, with a useless right arm due to a very serious wound, summons his ancestor spirit, and in the guise of Hadrath, summons a large water undine.  He binds the undine and commands it to envelop one of the Broo.   Herculon, bleeding out of half a dozen of serious wounds, blindly follows the Shaman and his helper, and Jaya and Daeriius follow suit.  They discover the fleeing Broo, homing in on the heartbreaking cries of anguish from the children, as the Broo have already initiated the breeding.  Shocked, our party attempts to stop the brutality, but prove very inefficient in doing so.  The young girl suffers the worst fate, the young boy's assailant dies in the act.  Then, exhausted, Herculon falls to the floor, his several serious wounds now taking effect with a vengeance...

zaterdag 1 december 2012


1621, Storm Season 50, Truth Week, Freezeday

The party has dragged several crates of stuff to the Zola Fel river bank where the boat is moored, and is preparing to load their flatbottom.  Since it is evening, they decide to set up camp where they are, and leave for Corflu the next day.  They set up three watches, and everything remains quite during the first watch, but as Herculon and Raiko keep second watch, a gang of thugs approaches as sneakily as they can.  Not without being noticed though.  Our friends pretend to not have noticed the attackers, and Raiko moves out of sight and sneaks back.  When the thugs attack, Herculon is ready, he takes out the first thugh with one blow to the head, then finished the second by almost decapitating him.  The thugs realize they have bitten off more than they can chew, and the headman starts planning an escape only seconds after starting the fight.  He casts a darkwall, in an attempt to disorganize the party and retreat, but Jaya runs forward, luckily ends up straight next to the thug leader, and compels him to surrender.  Morik, as he is called, decides to give up, rather than die for the cause.  On the thug leader they find a note from Gimgim The Grim, and a purse with 250 Lunars.
With the weather getting more and more ugly, the party has no choice but to get out of the sandstorm, but just at this moment their boat begins to slip free.  The pilot tries to jump on board, but fails, and if not for Herculon to grab the line at the last moment, the boat would definitely have been gone.  However, for all his brute strength, Herculon is unable to keep the boat from drifting off.  Daerius and Giomanach try to catch the line and assist him, but to no avail.  When, after several shameful attempts, Giomanach manages to grab hold of the rope, Herculon, exhausted, must let go.  The boat crashes into the marshy shore brush.

The next morning, the weather is better.  The boat has suffered some damage, and the party starts repair.  Morik is taken captive, the henchmen are stripped and sent off.  Morik tells them about the crown he is supposed to find, and his award he received in advance.  During repairs a hooded figure appears from the north, with an ox wagon.  As the orlanthi in the party come forward, the visitor reveals his true identity: He is Ademin, the Storm Voice.  He is willing to consecrate a shrine and hold a service for the Orlanthi, permitting Herculon to recuperate his theist spells.  For several days our party remains busy finding wood and reed to repair their boat as well as possible.  Meanwhile Jaya and Raiko head back to the Rabbit Hat Farm, and after some searching, discover the Pumpkinhead's treasure trove.  They find several trinkets, as well as the crown of Yamsur.  They only tell their comrades about the crown.
The repairs finished, the party head south again.  The boat has lost a lot of his speed, though, and Ademin manages to keep up with them in his ox cart.  The first morning of the Sacred Time, our heroes wake up in a different environment.  The Zola Fel gone, no more boat, and some of the party members have taken on mysterious identities.  Ademin now seems to play the role of the Orlanth, Raiko has become Hadrath Ingilli, and Daerius is toiling in the field as Barntar, bringing water to the scorched fields forom his well.  Giomanach seems to have become an incarnation of Pavis, and Herculon is chained to a rock, berserking away, like The Storm Bull on a good day.  Amina Ingilli, priest of Zola Fel, appears and convinces Raiko to become initiate to Zola Fel, and mend his ways.  Raiko accepts, without going into detail exactly what ways would need mending.  Daga, the wraith of drought appears.  He has taken Heler, the rain god, captive, and is disappearing into Daga's desert with him.  The party tries to stop Daga with violence, always an option, but The Storm Bull cannot bear to be this close to Daga for more than a few seconds, and collapsed from teh drought.  Barntar seems to be more enduring, but must give up as well.  Jaya, who is playing the part of Ernalda, intends to bring water from Barntars well using her cooking pots, but Hadrath summons the biggest undine he can, and drives it to Daga, who vanishes upon contact with the water entity, releasing Heler.  The party escapes through the well.

They do not return to the boat, however:  Ademin has vanished, but the party wake up on some beach, with a gang of baboons trying to steal their possessions.  It takes them some convincing and some rolling of muscle to get their gear back from the Baboons, and the limited communication is not helping. In the end, however, they recuperate everything, and discover they are only minutes from the town of Corflu.  In Corflu they meet up with the local Zola Fel priest, and he tells them about a series of runes that have appeared on their wrists.  These runes are the Zola Fel runes, and the characters are the river voices, selected by Zola Fel himself to help the Corflu people in their struggle.  The townsfolk are very enthusiast about the new visitors, and they receive a heroes welcome during their stay.  The priest arranges a fast vessel for them to return to Pavis, but requests a service in return: the locals being exploited as workers in the river, often get attacked by mudsharks, and the party will have to kill these ferocious beings.  They accept, and after a short recon mission decide on a plan.

zaterdag 24 november 2012

Strange Occurances at Rabbit Hat Farm

1621, Storm Season 48, Illusion Week, Wildday

torm Season is near its end.  So is the year 1621.  The Sacred Time approaches.  Our adventurers return to the village of Rabbit Hat Farm.  This village is built around an old Sun Dome temple, and counts 60 souls.  An attack seems to have taken place, as their latest adventure testifies. The youths rescues on the Zola Fel bank near Rabbit farm having been escorted to the Chalana Arroy temple, our friends once more prepare to leave for Corflu.  Daerius and Giomanach have returned, and are ready to join the party, so on the morning of the 48th day of the Storm Season, in particularly vile weather, the party find a boatsman crazy enough to bring them to Corflu for 4 Lunars a head.  After some bargaining they manage to lower the price to 3 Lunars each, still a considerable sum.  Our heroes are sitting on the deck of the Riverboat, covered in furs, in generally good spirits.  They take turns keeping watch, all through the night.  Apart from some Sun Dome patrols they spot, the trip is uneventful, and they arrive near the spot of the fight at noon the next day.

fter a one hour hike, they arrive at the damaged village walls.  In front of the village are several overgrown fields.  A weird state to be in, the fight only took place a few days ago, but every single field is the same.  When they decide to go through the fields rather than along the road, they discover another plant is being grown inside the outer border.  It turns out the Rabbit Hat Farm farmers were growing Hazia.  As they approach town, they spread out, and start investigating the old temple and a granary.  Jaya notices a Broo Totem and approaches, not minding the scarecrow with a huge pumpkin for a head standing in the middle of one of the fallow fields to the left of the village.  She is attacked, but a quick intervention by Raiko and Herculon takes care of the threat.  As the investigation continues, Jaya stumbles upon a bag of jewels, that turn out to be Yelmalio temple jewellery.  In the granary, Raiko discovers a young boy, Jocelyn, who runs away frighted when he sees the party.  In the pursuit, our adventurers discover a funnel shaped hole in the ground, and decide to investigate it more.  They drop down a hole that looks like it was made by a Krarschtkid, and end up in a natural tunnel, following it back towards the village.  They hear water in the distance.

The tunnel leads to a huge natural cave with an underground river running through it.  The cave is dark, hot and moist, and Jaya enters first.  She lights up the cave, and looking up, sees a huge two headed dragon snail on the ceiling heading in her direction.  By the time Daerius and Raiko have advanced, the chaos beast has blocked the entry to the cave, and Herculon, eager for combat, has to wait to advance.  The dragon snail is emitting heat, and burns Jaya and Raiko seriously.  Daerius advances, but one of the heads takes a bite out of his leg.  From behind, Giomanach palsies one of the snail's heads, but this does not stop the heat radiation, and the damage begins to add up.  Then Herculon makes it to the front and cuts of the other head.  This stops the monster, and the party finish it off quickly, thus stopping the heat emission and restoring control.  They survey the damage: three party members seriously wounded.  Herculon has to use all his devoted mana to heal everyone.  The party advance, Jaya spreads more light, and the party notice a cave entrance on the other side of the stream.

They walk though the water, hip deep at most, until Jaya disturbs a gorp lying in hiding underwater.  Raiko is attacked, but manages to use his acrobatics to back-flip out of the way.  Arrows are disintegrated by the gorps acid, and the party changes tactics.  They spread and start luring the monster, meanwhile peppering it with disruptions.  This has some effect, but is still slow, so they spread out even further and start setting up a fire trap.  Meanwhile Raiko has made it to the cave entrance, but upon entering he is attacked by a guardian spirit.  He enters spirit combat, and prevails, and binds the spirit in his dagger.  Jaya used lamp oil to set up a trap, and once the monster is lured into the puddle, they light it, ,burning the monster to death.  A foul smell fills the cave, the party advance into the next tunnel, leading to a five way crossroad.

They decide to recon from the crossroads, and manage to alert two krarschtkids at once.  The choatic maws approach with disturbing speed, but this time the fighters are well positioned and the kids are dispatched without too much trouble.  Meanwhile, Raiko has been looking through the third passage, and finds a dead krarschtkid at the end of it.  The three passages being a dead end, their only option is the fourth tunnel, leading into a large, man-made hall.  In the middle of the hall is a well, next to it a number of crates are stacked, and from their vantage point they notice two other exits.  They carefully enter the empty hall, not noticing any movement, and spread out to check the other exits, the well and the crates.  Jaya tries to pry open the most valuable looking case, and is struggling with the lock, when Polybius appears in a hidden balcony high up against the wall, aims his crossbow, and manages to hit Jaya on the head, but her plate helmet protects her.  He takes another prepared crossbow, fires it at Jaya again, and misses.  Giomanach casts palsy, and Polybius fails to resist, losing control of his leg.  He disappears from sight, and the party decide what to do next.  Herculon takes his grappling hook and tries a few throws before he is lucky enough to have a hold.  He starts climbing up, intending to present the sniper a lesson in decapitation.  However, Polybius commands his familiar Krarschtkid to jump down the hole, and it does, maw wide open to take a good bite out of Herculon.  The berserker has little choice but to let go.  He drops down, unharmed, and the party tries to kill the krarschtkid, but it escapes through a vertical upwards air vent..  Meanwhile, they hear Polybius casting upstairs.  Daerius decides to try and climb up, but fails miserably, holding up everybody, much to the dismay of the others, who protest loudly.  Polybius re-appears, and tries to mark Raiko several times, but Giomanach averts. Raiko then makes it up first and when Polybius sees the Ingilli is going to make it up, he decides to retreat, under cover of his familiar.

With some (a lot of) help from Raiko, Daerius also makes it up the balcony, and the two decide to keep the pressure on Polybius while Herculon climbs up.  Polybius has started casting wrack of chaos on Daerius, and it hurts.  the Krarschtkid then bites Daerius in the head, but his helmet protects him.  By this time, Giomanach also made it up the rope, with some effort, while Jaya is still busy trying to build a stairway out of crates - without much result.  As Polybius casts another wrack at Daerius, the latter evades, only to be covered in krarschtkid pratzim seconds later.  Jaya now has made it up, and the party advance into the sorcerers filthy lair.  Polybius tries to fire off more spells, but keeps getting interrupted, and he decides to shape-change to bat and escape.  However, by this time the party is completely filling up the exit, and Polybius flutters left and right, but does not escape.  A shield bash finishes him off.  The party then loot his lair, and load everything into the crates: grimoires, more temple stuff, poison vials, and a large personal stash of Hazia.

zaterdag 17 november 2012

An interrupted trip to Corflu

1621, Storm Season 43, Illusion Week, Freezeday
After rumours from the south that the Lunar council in Corflu is putting pressure on the Ingilli family to lend them the warship in Corflu harbour, Raiko decides to round up his fellows, and book passage on a ship south.  Giomanach is in the Rubble, and Daerius is off on a romantic weekend with Crazy Meg, so Raiko finds two new friends to accompany him: Mycolith and another one.  The riverfolk are very hesitant to make the trip in Dark Season, and they have a lot of trouble finding a shipper who will take them.  In the end they have to accept the steep rates from Antar, a Pavisite with a lot of ambition but no ideas.  They ship south on what seems to be a rather clear day for the season,  but it soon darkens and starts raining, as they head along the Zola Fel.  After a quiet day they make camp on the  shore.  The next day they continue their journey, but at noon, under a steady drizzle, they notice a gang of Broo taking advantage of a group of farmers on the river bank.  Antar the shipper is hesitant to interfere, but Herculon simply throws the Pavisite overboard, and with some trouble, manages to ram the vessel into the muddy river bank.
Our heroes disembark, some with more elegance than others, and charge forward to face the fearsome Broo head on.  The Broo are taken somewhat by surprise, and the ferocity of the attack leaves them very little time to group up, shifting the favor to the party almost immediately.  Some of the Broo are still busy doing unspeakable things to their captives, and their bestial instincts prevail, giving our heroes the opportunity to press the advantage home.  One of the Broo emits an icy cold, no doubt a feature due to his chaotic nature, and some of the adventurers suffer serious wounds from this, but not Herculon, who carries on, in his berserk frenzy, hacking and slaying and almosttaking the head of the first Broo.  Mycolith collapses wounded, but Jaya manages to slay her opponent, a Broo with a piglike demeanor.  Herculon then chops the head of another Broo, a clean cut this time.  The leader of the Broo, still standing, now faces several opponents.  He cannot hope to win this, but the party find out this Broo has a very annoying chaotic ability: his flesh is extremely sticky, and when the Broo is finally slain, he has several weapons glued to it.  The party have to burn the beast to release their weapons.
Within minutes, the Broo are killed, and the few survivors are healed.  Around that time, Antar made it to the shore swimming.  Understandably, the pilot was not pleased at all about having been thrown overboard, but he felt reluctant to take it up with Herculon, who was still recovering from his berserk fury, covered in blood and grasping his great axe with a maniacal grin on his face.
The party decides to return to Pavis to take the survivors back, and Antar is too afraid to object.

zondag 28 oktober 2012

Return to the ogre hideout

1621, Dark Season 54, Truth Week, Wildday 

One walktapus, two walktapi - just cut off a piece!
he lucrative encounter with the fake Etyries ogre gang has made the adventurers a wealthy bunch, and they spend several months living the good life, hiring the best trainers in town, and studying and improving.  Daerius and Herculon even manage to fail to show up for the Rain Calling Ceremony, and will have to make amends at a later date for this oversight.  The adventure begins as the party, minus Daerius, who has a job as a bodyguard  for a customer he did not want to disappoint, are wandering through the Farmers Quarter of town.  One of them spots a silhouette keeping an eye on them, and they surround the spotter and find out it is a young street hoodlum, called Hinko.  Unaware of whether this fellow was keeping an eye on them or burglarizing or whatever, they try to find out more about events in New Pavis.  The only information the youg guy reveals, is about a house in the center of New Pavis where rumour says a Chaos presence can be detected.  It quickly becomes apparent that the house that is being talked about it the former ogre hideout, so the rumour might be true as well.  The party learns that the Lunar guard have woodpanelled the house, and they decide to head over to the house and investigate.  As they are checking out the building, they cross a Lunar Guard captain from the Silver Shields, who finds it suspect to see them staking out the closed mansion, but they manage to convince the Lunar they do not mean trouble.
fter pretending to leave they return and break in to the house.  They are confronted with a  putrid smell of decay, and carefully advance further, down to the cellar, where they hear a rumour underground.  They inspect the floor, and find a hidden trapdoor that leads into a stone corridor about 3m high.  Herculon guards their rear as they descend into the hallway below, and they soon discover a fullgrown Walktapus as it charges towards them.  During the ensuing fight, Jaya suffers a grievous wound, as her left arm is practically ripped off, but by a weird stroke of luck none of the arteries is cut.  Raiko then takes the front, only to be badly hurt as well, and if not for the armor the consequences could have been very grave indeed.  It becomes clear that Herculon is required to dispatch the chaotic abomination, so the barbarian descends and confronts the beast.  Now the fight ends rather quickly, as Herculon keeps stabbing the monster in the same location until it drops.

ith the monster dispatched, the party starts investigating the corridor.  They find a hidden compartment beneath the floor, but it seems to be full of ground, with only a minimal storage space.  Either the compartment is unused, or they were unable to discover it's secret.  They do find a small chest with some money and baubles.  One of the jewels bears the mark of Duke Raus of Rone.  Then a weird noise, emanating from the dead walktapus becomes audible.  Only now the chaotic ability of the Walktapus is revealed:  as Herculon heals both Raiko and Jaya with his newly learned Heal Wound, thereby expending his entire devotional mana pool, the beast starts to regenerate, and nothing the party can muster seems to be able to turn this around.  The party decides to take drastical measures, and they put fire to the beast, after covering it with crinkled up linen soaked with lantern oil.  Then they quickly leave the house, considering their mission accomplished.

zondag 23 september 2012

Ogre Infiltration: finale

The way to Pavis...


1621, Fire Season, Harmony Week, Waterday 

After selecting the goods they want to salvage, the party decides to help the three wounded Last Step fyrdmen onto a horse, and the victim is loaded onto the fourth horse.  There is little room for other gear to be taken along, so the party leaves behind the barrels and crates in the cave, and return straight North towards the Pavis road.  Before long, they notice movement underneath the sand, and they see three giant centipedes appear from underneath the sand.  The huge creatures are slow, but still undoubtedly can dish out a lot of damage, so Alwynn starts distributing shield and protection spells.  Giomanach attempts a few palsy spells, but has no chance to break trough the huge animal's endurance defense.  Herculon goes into a heroic frenzy, and starts hacking up the giant creatures.  The party tries to stop two of the slow creatures at once, and so they have to split up.  Raiko gets a serious wound on his leg, but is able to retreat on foot before collapsing into the soft embrace of Alwynn.  Herculon hacks one of the centipedes in two, and Daerius finishes off a second one, while Herculon heads for the third one and dispatches him with two devastating hits in the head.

The party failed to notice the approaching ogres.  Herculon and Daerius sprint forward to allow the ogres as little time as possible to prepare for battle.

The fight barely over, and with everybody focudes on wounded Raiko, the party fails to notice a four horse wagon approaching from the north.  Seeing where they are, the chances are big that these are the ogre warriors, returning from New Pavis or the Rubble.  And considering where the party is, the ogres must have a good hunch what is happening.  All this turns out to be correct.  Herculon, still in his heroic frenzy, cannot be held back, and he charges forward, followed by Daerius.  This leaves the ogres too little time to prepare for the fight, as the pressure in upon them straightaway.  Giomanach manages to palsy a younger female ogre, leaving only three enemies.  A few seconds later Herculon crashes into two Ogre warriors, unable to break through to the headman.  Daerius soon joins him, and the two try to dispatch the ogre warriors quickly, but they turn out tougher than expected.

The headman, rather than join the battle against the two warriors, is able to summon his ancestor spirit, then decides to close the 70 some meters to the wizard and healer, and Alwynn needs to act quickly to heal Raiko so that they have some defense against the charging ogre. Meanwhile Herculon has beheaded one of the ogres with a massive blow, and seriously wounds the second one before his great axe is snatched out of his hands.  It takes a frantic few seconds before the second ogre is dead as well, and the entire party can focus on the headman, who has decided to change strategy and run for it.  Jaya follows him, riding on her zebra, and the headman cannot escape.  The ancestor spirit decides to change strategy and discorporates, trying to capture Jaya.  Jaya has no defense, and is taken over in seconds.  All of this has taken place without the party knowing, and as Jaya returns no-one suspects anything, until Daerius gets hit.  A chaotic fight ensues, with everyone trying to stop Jaya without having to kill her.  It takes an acrobatic roll from Raiko to unsaddle possessed Jaya, and everyone jumps on her in order to stop and subdue her.

The wagon is empty, and the party heads to Last Step to return the wounded family members and deceased.  They are given a heroes welcome, even though there is one dead to grieve about.  The Shaman from Whitefly exorcises the possessing spirit from Jaya, and the party head to New Pavis, to inspect  the ogre house.  The house turns up a lot of sellable items, and the party take their pick and sell off a large quantity of armor and weapons, and find other valuables, including jewellery, herbs, and a document with a seal, asking the reader to give full support to the bearer of said document.  The document is signed by the Etyries High Priest from Furthest.  The party accumulate a large amount of silver, and start looking for possibilities to spend their money.


dinsdag 18 september 2012

Ogre infiltration

South of Pavis, near Ryan Village...


1621, Fire Season, Disorder Week, Wildday

The party approaching the rocky mound
After the initiation of Daerius and Herculon at the Pairing stones, the Orlanthi help them cover the traces and ritually bury the Lunar patrol.  Storm Voice Frekor Firmfarer performs a obfuscation and purification ritual, and with the flames of Humakti blazing high into the Pavis sky, the adventurers and Orlanthi feast and drink and honour the fallen, the storm god and the new initiates.  During the party, Frekor tells the two new initiates about their new mission.  This mission will involve traveling to the Pavis Air Temple and report to High Priest Faltikus.  It is important not to tell Faltikus everything though.  Frekor makes it very clear in which conditions Faltikus has become the new High Priest of the Pavis Air Temple.  Rumour has it Faltikus is a Lunar agent, some call him a Nysalor Illuminate, but one thing is certain, he was appointed to the post by the Lunar government, and his appointment was one condition to avoid total suppression of the Orlanth cult in Pavis (normal Lunar practice). the other being the agreement that the Orlanthi organise the HeroQuest every year to escort rain god Heler to the Plains of Prax.  Frekor than reveals the new initiates what their second mission will be.  Uphold the promise made by Herculon to the Last Step Stead survivors, and track down and destroy the ogres responsible for the hold up and rescue eventual survivors.

7th Day of the Fire Season, 1621
The next morning, the party heads east towards Pavis.  At first it seems like a good idea to follow the river bank all the way downstream to the capital, but the many creeks and streams in the valley make the party lose a lot of time.  In the end, they decide to head for the Pavis road and keep to familiar terrain.  When heading for the road, they run into a lone Aldryami trekking through the chaparral, and Raiko attempts to approach the barkskin, but any attempt to approach is only responded to by arrow fire, and after ducking into cover a few times, Raiko gives up his fraternization attempts.  They put up camp for a totally eventless night, before arriving at the road the next morning and following it in the direction of Pavis.
8th Day of the Fire Season, 1621

After a long walk along the Pavis road, under a relentless summer sun, the party sees the off-white colour of the high walls of the Rubble appear in the distance.  The heat of the afternoon sun makes the sky shimmer, and dust devils are everywhere.  This time they do not head for the tent camp under the Rubble walls, but cross the bridge towards New Pavis.  Since none of them are New Pavis citizens, they have to fill out heaps of paperwork, and Giomanach decides to apply for a weapon permit. Not aided by the Lunar bureaucracy, they finally enter the city walls, and the Orlanthi head to the temple, while Giomanach visits his aunt at the Chalana Arroy temple and Raiko tags along with Jaya into the rubble to visit the Yelorna temple.
The Orlanthi report to Faltikus, who does not seem overly interested, and who's only worry seems to be being singled out as responsible for the death of the Lunars.  He tries to convince Daerius and Herculon to tell him more about what happened, but Herculon's web of lies seems to work, although Faltikus is not completely convinced. After meeting up with their friends again, they notice Giomanach is accompanied by Alwynn, acolyte of Chalana Arroy, who is too worried about Giomanach heading out after a gang of ogres to let him go alone.  Having a good healer along on a dangerous mission has never hurt anyone, so the other party members make nothing of it and make her feel welcome.  They decide to leave the following day at daybreak.

9th Day of the Fire Season, 1621

The next morning the party heads west again, and south at the Last Step stead.  They follow the trail to Whitefly and Ryan, and when passing the source of the stream into the Zola Fel they notice barefoot child  tracks heading out into the desert.  They decide to follow these, considering it weird to find kids' footsteps around here.  Surely, before too long they notice a small group of children keeping an eye on the party.  They attempt to overtake them but the kids disappear, and the party decides to continue walking in the same general direction.  After a weird encounter with an Aldryami, the party sees a rocky mound in the distance, and they notice several holes in the wall of the mound.  They decide to approach carefully.  Four perfectly round cave entrances are visible.  The geometric shape worries the party, and they decide to carefully investigate one of the entrances.  Inside they disturb 2 Krarshtkids, and within seconds they are under attack, with only Herculon's shield preventing some serious damage.  Giomanach's sorcery saves the day here, with two lucky palsies in a row taking out the chaotic monsters.
The howling krarshtkid comes bouncing forward...

Another entrance leads nowhere, but the third leads upwards and there another spawn of Krarsht is hiding.  This time the fight is even shorter, with Palsy once again saving the day, and Giomanach starting to feel very powerful indeed.  Within seconds, the krarshtkid is vanquished, not able to divulge it's destructive power.  Further exploration of the round corridors reveals nothing, and the party decides to make camp in a now empty corridor.  They cast alarm on the entrance, and with a double guard run no risk after the spider fiasco a few days before.  The night passes uneventful, and the next morning the party decides to climb the mound to get a better lookout position.  Arrived at the top of the mound, they stumble onto the ogre camp, seeing it below them through a slit in the cave roof.  They notice a captive in very poor condition, a bunch of kids, and several adults, both male and female, standing around a bonfire.  An area behind the ogres is closed off with wooden panels, and in a corner they notice many crates and barrels.  They try to set up a surprise attack, with little success, and within minutes the fight has broken loose, with Herculon and Daerius in the middle of it, supported by Alwynn's healing and Giomanach's sorcery.  Meanwhile Jaya is still on the lookout outside the cave, pulling some of the attention to her.
The blueish inside of the ogre cave
Giomanach attempts another mass palsy, but the ogres turn out to have some serious resistance to his magic, as well as a means of nullifying it's effect, and Giomanach's feeling of superiority becomes a bit tarnished.  If not for the healer doing an excellent job on Herculon, Daerius, Giomanach and herself alike, the fight could have gone completely differently, with particularly nasty consequences for the party, who would probably be on the next days menu.  The party cannot help noticing the absence of warriors, and realise they have been lucky to find the tribe with minimal protection, even if it was nearly enough to take them out.  They discover a stash of official paperwork, including a rent lease and permits to enter the Rubble and to carry weapons in Pavis, written out to verious Etyries temple members.  Jaya discovers a span of horses, but no wagon.  After the fight, the party collects whatever valuables they can carry, leaving behind the crates and barrels for lack of a means of transportation, and ready themselves for the return to Pavis, in order to investigate further into the ogre activities.

donderdag 13 september 2012

An Orlanthi Initiation

Near Pavis and the Pairing Stones...


1621, Fire Season, Disorder Week, Windday

Our gang of travelers has taken residence in Badside. A ramshackle collection of tents and huts, in some cases no more than a few hides roughly sown together. But the one thing that people remember about Badside is the smell. All around Pavis, on a hot day, the smell is sickening. Rotting meat, excrement, barbarians who only bathe when in their homeland, and sweat. Badside is worse. The hides smell, the people smell, the garbage smells, and there's carcasses everywhere, the herd animals shit in the street, and so do the denizens of this lovely settlement.

But you get anonimity. The Lunar guards only occasionally interfere, and never with any enthusiasm. And with one party member a target of the Red Moon, and another a target of a lot of people, it beats the Pavis Inns, where the well organised gangs know everything there is to know about anyone within hours of their arrival. So the story starts in Badside, as Daerius and Herculon are summoned to the pairing stones for their initiation into Orlanth Adventurous.

4th Day of the Fire Season, 1621

Their comrades in arms, Raiko, Giomanach and Jaya, decide to accompany them on the two day trip west. They leave at sunset, before the heat, and follow the Pavis road, at a leisurely pace, a few hundred yards behind a Etyries trader caravan. After a few hours walk they see some people on the road, apparently from the nearby Last Step Stead. They report having been attacked by a gang of people, and the four cottars who went after them have not yet returned. When invited inside for lunch, our heroes find the lady of the stead in tears. Although they are expected at the Pairing stones, they decide to go and look for the disappeared fyrdmen, mainly because Herculon thinks it is the right thing to do for a Heortlander.

They quickly discover the attackers masquerade as Etyries traders, travel with a four horse wagon, and they manage to track the trail in Northern direction.  During their advance up north, they notice a Smilodon circling them, looking for an easy kill.  When the beast's patience runs out and it decides to try and go for a quick kill, Giomanach stops it with a succesfull palsy.  Hardly disturbed the party advances, and stumbles upon a very basic tent camp, littered with body parts and blood.  Whatever took place here, it can hardlly have been pleasant for the one who lost all the fingers.  The trail now heads south west, and the party decides to keep following.

They keep tracking the wagon trails as long as possible, but when they head towards the road again, our party has no choice but to follow the road and hope they will see the trails quitting the Pavis Road further up ahead. No such luck though.  After a few hours it becomes apparent that they have lost the trail, when they meet up with a trader coming from the opposing direction, who has seen nothing.  Jaya grabs the opportunity to buy a silver necklace from Goldenrod, the Etyies trader.  Seen as they have no direction to follow, they consider heading to the Pairing Stones after all, with some luck they might still be in time.  But first they set up camp, with Jaya taking the first guard.  They'll decide what to do the next morning.

Within minutes everybody is sound asleep.  Jaya notices she is tired as well, and before long she dozes off.  When a giant spider wanders into the camp, there is no-one awake to see it coming, and the large arachnid attacks Jaya.  This gets everyone up in seconds, and amidst the panic the spider is quickly dispatched.

5th Day of the Fire Season, 1621

The next morning, our fellows run into a Bullford hunting party.  These guys have not seen any trace of the fake trader wagon, and the party decides to head to the Pairing Stones, still a long hike north.  They keep walking for hours, until sunset, and Raiko, Daerius and Giomanach get real tired with still several miles to go, when they run into a Lunar Patrol.  As they are only miles from the Pairing Stones, they refuse to stand down, and when the tension increases and the Lunar sorceress starts casting a spell, Jaya fires an arrow at her and downs her at once.  A brutal fight ensues, with Herculon decapitating two warriors and hacking a third one in two, and Daerius and Giomanahc killing a guard each.  Giomanach takes the sorcerer staff along, it carries an enchantment that allows to store mana.

When the Orlanthi arrive from the Pairing Stones, alarmed by the magic light and noise, all they can do is clean up the mess.  The High Priest performs a ritual of Obfuscation, and the bodies are burned with ceremony.

6th Day of the Fire Season, 1621

The initiation ceremony commences.  Both Orlanthi easily pass the knowledge test.  Their next challenge involves climbing one of the pairing stones.  A piece of cake for strong Herculon, but Daerius seems to be more about good looks than strength.  It takes him a few hours, with several resting breaks, to climb the 25m high monolith.  In the end he manages though, and drops down on the top, exhausted...

maandag 13 augustus 2012

Next character: Giomanach Nuada (Anthony)

Career and status:

Ever since birth, Giomanach, like his father, was magically gifted. At the age of 12, when making the crossing from The Real City to New Pavis with his father and eldest brother, they ran into a chaos gang led by a scorpion tail Broo that somehow got through the city defenses. Their attack was fierce, but Giomanach's father braced himself, and ordered Giomanach's eldest brother Niall to take Giomanach and run. Niall obeyed, but Giomanach did not. Instead the boy attempted to wrack the Broo leader with a magic spell he had seen the Pavis temple priests use on several occasions. The spell fumbled, and Giomanach felt a very unpleasant tingle run along his spine. Only seconds later, just before Giomanach collapsed with exhaustion, his father was slain.

Niall took his younger brother on the shoulder and ran for his life, while the chaotic spirits summoned by the Broo shaman howled across the desolate ruins, trying to catch up with them. At that moment a Yelorna patrol appeared, led by a radiant fighter riding a unicorn, and the Broo gang dispersed and retreated. One of the chaos spirits, hastened by the Shaman, attacked Niall, who dropped Giomanach and started howling with pain within minutes. The disease spirit had vanquished him, and if not for the Yelorna priestess who took Niall on her horse and sped for the Chalana temple, Niall would certainly have died, so potent was the spirit set on him. As it is, Niall never completely recovered. Giomanach never forgot what he saw, and is convinced he too was cursed by the evil Shaman.

As he came of age, Giomanach became a lay member in the Pavis cult, and studied hard to become a sorcerer both powerful and wise. He is on the brink of becoming an initiate, and has just about mastered the basic Pavis grimoire. He has never forgotten that a Yelorna maiden saved his life and that of his brother, and at night he still sees the vile Broo stabbing his father to death. His quest is to kill the chaotic monstrosity that killed his father, and to slay as many broo as possible while he can.

Family and connections:
Giomanach has a strong bond with his family. After the death of his father, his grandparents by his father's side died from grief. His mother, Wyndenkell, has always kept a strong spirit when with her family, caring for Niall, who suffers from violent nightmares and daytime collapses since that day in the Rubble. The entire family moved in with Wyndenkell's parents, former owners of a pottery workshop that made good money. There are no financial problems. However, sometimes at night Giomanach finds his mother weeping in solitude, and it breaks his heart. Apart from his eldest brother Niall, Giomanach has a younger brother and 2 younger sisters, maidens fair and almost at the age of betrothal. A lot of other family members reside in both The Real City and New Pavis, but are of no particular note, except his mother's junior sister Alwynn, who is an acolyte at the New Pavis Chalana Arroy temple.


Loyalty to Benderri, Son of Pavis
30+16 (own POW)+ 17 (target CHA) = 63%

Loves his mother, Wyndenkell

30+ 7 (loved one POW)+9 (loved one CHA) = 46%

Hates Broo

30+32 (own POW x 2) = 62%

Combat Styles:
Light Skirmisher

Shortsword - Shield - Bow


1 standard priest outfit used when casting spells and when travelling, high quality

1 noble outfit for special occasions, high quality

1 old pavisite outfit, usefull when riding and when traveling, high quality

1 zebra



Shortsword, fine (+1 damage)

Buckler, fine (+1 AP)

Inlaid staff, fine (+1 AP)

Recurve Bow, fine (Value 150%)


zondag 12 augustus 2012

Next character: Daerius (Maxim)

Daerius has a barbarian background but Talastar has been subdued by the Lunars for a long time and it shows in Daerius, who looks more like a Lunar than a Sartarite.

Career and status:
Daerius is a freeman settler from Talastar, a former Sartar kingdom subdued by the Lunarese Empire.  There he made a living as a member of a group of mercenaries, working for the highest bidder.  This all ended when he was set up by his chief Vakthan, he got blamed for killing a clan ring member who tried to oppose the Lunar oppression.  His life now in danger, he emigrated to Pavis, still trying to make ends meet working as a mercenary, but business is slow.
On his travels and adventures he met a few good men (and a donkey) he trusts. One of them is a Kralorelan monk named Haru. They went on lots of adventures together. They looked death in the eye a few times, but they are still good friends. They have gotten separated but will meet again one day.

Daerius is a lay member of Orlanth, who has had trouble keeping in touch with his temple, because of the ban on Orlanth by the Lunars.  Daerius is a firm proponent of the Orlanth motto: Violence is always an option.  He must try and keep a low profile, lest someone recognises him and reports him to Lunar authorities.

Family and connections:
Because of what has happened to him he has lost contact with his family, who remained in Talastar. As far as he knows, he still has loving parents, an aunt and 2 nephews.  He would love to send them a message, but the Lunar government might very well be on the lookout for him.

Since his arrival in Pavis, Daerius has become good friends with Raiko Ingilli, a nephew of Tolkazzi of the powerful Ingilli family who has gotten in trouble and was cast out of the family by the Ingilli family head, Scharman.  Raiko has been a real friend to Daerius, and has helped him on several occasions, getting him jobs working as a guard for the riverfolk.  Because of this, Daerius has excellent contacts in the riverfolk society, and this is to their mutual advantage, since Daerius must be careful when among his own people: some believe the rumours about his past are true and want to see him punished.  Often, Daerius runs errands for Raiko.

Because of his increased notoriety among the riverfolk, Daerius has become quite popular with the local women: his barbarian looks and muscular build are quite different from the thin, sinewy riverfolk men.  Most of the time, all he gets are looks of appreciation, but one female, crazy Meg, has quite the crush on Daerius, and tends to follow him around, showing up at all the wrong moments, and making very clumsy passes in order to seduce the Talastarian fighter. 

Sadly enough crazy Meg did not get her name for nothing.  Ever since Daerius mildly rebuked her, she considers them to be destined for love everlasting, and she now follows our hero around whenever she can find him, harassing women he speaks with, and telling everybody they are blindly in love.

Loyalty to Haru, the monk from Kralorela.
0+5 (Daerius POW)+12 (Haru CHA) = 47%
Love for his mother, Eryndor.
30+ 9 (Eryndor POW)+13 (Eryndor CHA) = 52%
Hate Vakthan, Talastaring mercenary leader.
30+5 (Daerius POW)+14 (Vakthan CHA) = 49%

Combat Styles:
Desert Reaver
Scimitar & Shield, Dagger

Talastaring Hoplite - Benefit: Shield Wall
Spear & Shield, Javelin

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Characters for the Pavis campaign

First up is David's character Vaddi:

Look: A bearded barbarian, aged 28, carrying a great axe, a one handed spear and a big scutum shield. He is wearing commoner clothing, and a laminated leather hauberk and cap.

Career and status:
Vaddi is a young barbarian berserker from New Pavis. He is a freeman from the Garhound Clan, the most important Sartarite Settler cult in the area. He became a Lay member in the local Urox cult and has been earning his livelihood as a bodyguard in New Pavis. However, because of his work as a bodyguard, he has contacts on every level in the Pavis, from his clan elders (with some reservation), the Pavis Trade Council (a very good customer), to even the Pavis government, to some degree. People consider him not very bright, but useful, so most of the time, if he asks for an audience, he gets it.

Family and connections:
He has lost contact with his parents, who do not really approve of his work as a bodyguard, since it involves occasionally working for Lunar Settlers, which most Sartarites frown upon. However, he has a very good relationship with his Aunt, Belfia of the Garhound, who lives in the clan Tula, and her 2 young sons, Blathi and Birix. He is very loyal to Darvenos, the clan chieftain, but not so to Bargenus from Garhound, one of Darvenos' nephews, who is spoilt and arrogant, and regularly 'visits' Aunt Belfia. There is financial compensation involved. For Belfia it's a way of surviving. For Vaddi, it's a stab in the heart every time, and his secret wish is to provide for Belfia and make her financially independent.

Vaddi is also acquainted with Travos, a noted tracking master from the Nomad tribes, now residing in Badside and making a living from working as a guide. He can get tracking training from this expert at half the normal rate.

Loyalty to Darvenos (often shortened to just “Davis”) Garhound, clan chieftain:
30+12 (Vaddi POW)+16 (Darvenos CHA) = 58%

Family Love for his Aunt Belfia from Garhound:
30+ 7 (Belfia POW)+9 (Belfia CHA) = 46%

Hate Bargenus, visitor of prostitutes and procastrinator:
30+12 (Vaddi POW)+12 (Darvenos CHA) = 54%

Combat Styles:
Two Handed Axe - Benefit: Berserker

Gain Passion (Berserker) at 30% + 2x POW.
Passion (Berserker) can be used to Augment skills (see p. 76) when used in a furious rage, including Combat Styles (attacking only), certain uses of Athletics, certain uses of Brawn, Endurance to resist injury, Willpower to resist magical attacks, and other skills at the GM's discretion.
A Berserker must roll his Willpower against his Passion (Berserker) when trying to control his temper, ie ignoring an insult, stop fighting while enemies live, etc. Failure to resist his Passion (Berserker) results in an aggressive, violent action.

One Handed Spear - Shield - Benefit: Formation Fighting

Formation Fighting
Permits a group of three or more warriors to draw into close formation, placing more open or disordered opponents at a disadvantage (provided the ‘unit’ cannot be outflanked) and thus reducing each foe’s Action Points by one if they engage. Requires everyone else in the group to also have this benefit, otherwise the coordinated effort fails to lack of one or more participants being trained in the correct technique.


zondag 8 januari 2012

To the rescue in Wilmskirk

1618. Fire Season. Harmony. Clayday

Characters partaking:
Drayin from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Dani 
Kemal from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Dominique
Indra Karanendottir, a Hiording noble from the Karanen Bloodline, played by Florence

The baboons attack our adventurers
ndra Karanendottir of the Hiording and her aides, Kemal and Drayin, have been traveling for some time now.  Their travels took them to Quackford, where they got in conflict with the local thieves gang, so rather than risk any harm they decide to leave town and head for Boldhome.  They travel via the Stone Road and pass Wilmskirk the day after.  About one hour down the road from Wilmskirk, the party enters a small hamlet, three of four Steads, with lots of grazing land.  However, no cattle is visible, apart from an old shepherd and some sheep, and one mangy cow.  No farmers, no warriors, it sure is a most distressing sight.  As our adventurers approach the shepherd is wary at first, but seeing the clan attire of the hiording and the torq of a clan noble, he loosens up and tells the party about the incessant raids this small hamlet has been enduring since several weeks now.  A gang of raiders has been stealing cows almost daily, and although the few warriors that guard the steads have been constantly pursuing the robbers, they have been unable to stop the looting.  As a final measure, a F?yrd Women blessing ritual has been performed at the small Vinga shrine, and all the woman have left as well, a second party trying to trap the looters or discover their hideout.

his morning the raiding party attacked once more, and the warriors took to their horses straight away, in an attempt to stop the thieves and return the stolen cattle.  However, since the raiders and the warriors have left, another problem has arisen.  A gang of baboon has discovered just how vulnerable this stead has become with all the warriors gone, and they have been trying to steal the last few pieces of cattle.  Already, they ran off with a plow, and Melche the shepherd expects them to return to try and steal more valuable items.  The shepherd has locked himself into the horse pen with the cow and his sheep, and is guarding the stead as well as possible, but if the baboons return, he will not be able to hold them off and prevent them from entering the buildings and looting them.  Indra and her companions decide they must help the Shepherd in his mission, and they keep the man company.  Surely, before one hour has passed, they hear noises, and a gang of baboon appears on the hill near the cattle pen.  The three adventurers charge forward, and quickly dispatch a small baboon, but have a hard time killing of the leader, when suddenly a baboon shaman appears.  The shaman starts summoning disease spirits, and although the warriors resist the spirit's attack, the fight starts to turn ugly.  It is not until they manage to subdue thye leader that the tables change.  The shaman makes one final effort to heal the leader using a healing spirit, but Indra reaches the leader just in time and finishes him off.
The shaman has no intention to follow his commander, and runs.  Kemal and Indra fire several arrows, but are unable to prevent the shaman's escape.  For hours, the shaman keeps following them, staying just out of reach, until the party succeeds in throwing the baboon off their scent.