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Next character: Giomanach Nuada (Anthony)

Career and status:

Ever since birth, Giomanach, like his father, was magically gifted. At the age of 12, when making the crossing from The Real City to New Pavis with his father and eldest brother, they ran into a chaos gang led by a scorpion tail Broo that somehow got through the city defenses. Their attack was fierce, but Giomanach's father braced himself, and ordered Giomanach's eldest brother Niall to take Giomanach and run. Niall obeyed, but Giomanach did not. Instead the boy attempted to wrack the Broo leader with a magic spell he had seen the Pavis temple priests use on several occasions. The spell fumbled, and Giomanach felt a very unpleasant tingle run along his spine. Only seconds later, just before Giomanach collapsed with exhaustion, his father was slain.

Niall took his younger brother on the shoulder and ran for his life, while the chaotic spirits summoned by the Broo shaman howled across the desolate ruins, trying to catch up with them. At that moment a Yelorna patrol appeared, led by a radiant fighter riding a unicorn, and the Broo gang dispersed and retreated. One of the chaos spirits, hastened by the Shaman, attacked Niall, who dropped Giomanach and started howling with pain within minutes. The disease spirit had vanquished him, and if not for the Yelorna priestess who took Niall on her horse and sped for the Chalana temple, Niall would certainly have died, so potent was the spirit set on him. As it is, Niall never completely recovered. Giomanach never forgot what he saw, and is convinced he too was cursed by the evil Shaman.

As he came of age, Giomanach became a lay member in the Pavis cult, and studied hard to become a sorcerer both powerful and wise. He is on the brink of becoming an initiate, and has just about mastered the basic Pavis grimoire. He has never forgotten that a Yelorna maiden saved his life and that of his brother, and at night he still sees the vile Broo stabbing his father to death. His quest is to kill the chaotic monstrosity that killed his father, and to slay as many broo as possible while he can.

Family and connections:
Giomanach has a strong bond with his family. After the death of his father, his grandparents by his father's side died from grief. His mother, Wyndenkell, has always kept a strong spirit when with her family, caring for Niall, who suffers from violent nightmares and daytime collapses since that day in the Rubble. The entire family moved in with Wyndenkell's parents, former owners of a pottery workshop that made good money. There are no financial problems. However, sometimes at night Giomanach finds his mother weeping in solitude, and it breaks his heart. Apart from his eldest brother Niall, Giomanach has a younger brother and 2 younger sisters, maidens fair and almost at the age of betrothal. A lot of other family members reside in both The Real City and New Pavis, but are of no particular note, except his mother's junior sister Alwynn, who is an acolyte at the New Pavis Chalana Arroy temple.


Loyalty to Benderri, Son of Pavis
30+16 (own POW)+ 17 (target CHA) = 63%

Loves his mother, Wyndenkell

30+ 7 (loved one POW)+9 (loved one CHA) = 46%

Hates Broo

30+32 (own POW x 2) = 62%

Combat Styles:
Light Skirmisher

Shortsword - Shield - Bow


1 standard priest outfit used when casting spells and when travelling, high quality

1 noble outfit for special occasions, high quality

1 old pavisite outfit, usefull when riding and when traveling, high quality

1 zebra



Shortsword, fine (+1 damage)

Buckler, fine (+1 AP)

Inlaid staff, fine (+1 AP)

Recurve Bow, fine (Value 150%)


zondag 12 augustus 2012

Next character: Daerius (Maxim)

Daerius has a barbarian background but Talastar has been subdued by the Lunars for a long time and it shows in Daerius, who looks more like a Lunar than a Sartarite.

Career and status:
Daerius is a freeman settler from Talastar, a former Sartar kingdom subdued by the Lunarese Empire.  There he made a living as a member of a group of mercenaries, working for the highest bidder.  This all ended when he was set up by his chief Vakthan, he got blamed for killing a clan ring member who tried to oppose the Lunar oppression.  His life now in danger, he emigrated to Pavis, still trying to make ends meet working as a mercenary, but business is slow.
On his travels and adventures he met a few good men (and a donkey) he trusts. One of them is a Kralorelan monk named Haru. They went on lots of adventures together. They looked death in the eye a few times, but they are still good friends. They have gotten separated but will meet again one day.

Daerius is a lay member of Orlanth, who has had trouble keeping in touch with his temple, because of the ban on Orlanth by the Lunars.  Daerius is a firm proponent of the Orlanth motto: Violence is always an option.  He must try and keep a low profile, lest someone recognises him and reports him to Lunar authorities.

Family and connections:
Because of what has happened to him he has lost contact with his family, who remained in Talastar. As far as he knows, he still has loving parents, an aunt and 2 nephews.  He would love to send them a message, but the Lunar government might very well be on the lookout for him.

Since his arrival in Pavis, Daerius has become good friends with Raiko Ingilli, a nephew of Tolkazzi of the powerful Ingilli family who has gotten in trouble and was cast out of the family by the Ingilli family head, Scharman.  Raiko has been a real friend to Daerius, and has helped him on several occasions, getting him jobs working as a guard for the riverfolk.  Because of this, Daerius has excellent contacts in the riverfolk society, and this is to their mutual advantage, since Daerius must be careful when among his own people: some believe the rumours about his past are true and want to see him punished.  Often, Daerius runs errands for Raiko.

Because of his increased notoriety among the riverfolk, Daerius has become quite popular with the local women: his barbarian looks and muscular build are quite different from the thin, sinewy riverfolk men.  Most of the time, all he gets are looks of appreciation, but one female, crazy Meg, has quite the crush on Daerius, and tends to follow him around, showing up at all the wrong moments, and making very clumsy passes in order to seduce the Talastarian fighter. 

Sadly enough crazy Meg did not get her name for nothing.  Ever since Daerius mildly rebuked her, she considers them to be destined for love everlasting, and she now follows our hero around whenever she can find him, harassing women he speaks with, and telling everybody they are blindly in love.

Loyalty to Haru, the monk from Kralorela.
0+5 (Daerius POW)+12 (Haru CHA) = 47%
Love for his mother, Eryndor.
30+ 9 (Eryndor POW)+13 (Eryndor CHA) = 52%
Hate Vakthan, Talastaring mercenary leader.
30+5 (Daerius POW)+14 (Vakthan CHA) = 49%

Combat Styles:
Desert Reaver
Scimitar & Shield, Dagger

Talastaring Hoplite - Benefit: Shield Wall
Spear & Shield, Javelin

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Characters for the Pavis campaign

First up is David's character Vaddi:

Look: A bearded barbarian, aged 28, carrying a great axe, a one handed spear and a big scutum shield. He is wearing commoner clothing, and a laminated leather hauberk and cap.

Career and status:
Vaddi is a young barbarian berserker from New Pavis. He is a freeman from the Garhound Clan, the most important Sartarite Settler cult in the area. He became a Lay member in the local Urox cult and has been earning his livelihood as a bodyguard in New Pavis. However, because of his work as a bodyguard, he has contacts on every level in the Pavis, from his clan elders (with some reservation), the Pavis Trade Council (a very good customer), to even the Pavis government, to some degree. People consider him not very bright, but useful, so most of the time, if he asks for an audience, he gets it.

Family and connections:
He has lost contact with his parents, who do not really approve of his work as a bodyguard, since it involves occasionally working for Lunar Settlers, which most Sartarites frown upon. However, he has a very good relationship with his Aunt, Belfia of the Garhound, who lives in the clan Tula, and her 2 young sons, Blathi and Birix. He is very loyal to Darvenos, the clan chieftain, but not so to Bargenus from Garhound, one of Darvenos' nephews, who is spoilt and arrogant, and regularly 'visits' Aunt Belfia. There is financial compensation involved. For Belfia it's a way of surviving. For Vaddi, it's a stab in the heart every time, and his secret wish is to provide for Belfia and make her financially independent.

Vaddi is also acquainted with Travos, a noted tracking master from the Nomad tribes, now residing in Badside and making a living from working as a guide. He can get tracking training from this expert at half the normal rate.

Loyalty to Darvenos (often shortened to just “Davis”) Garhound, clan chieftain:
30+12 (Vaddi POW)+16 (Darvenos CHA) = 58%

Family Love for his Aunt Belfia from Garhound:
30+ 7 (Belfia POW)+9 (Belfia CHA) = 46%

Hate Bargenus, visitor of prostitutes and procastrinator:
30+12 (Vaddi POW)+12 (Darvenos CHA) = 54%

Combat Styles:
Two Handed Axe - Benefit: Berserker

Gain Passion (Berserker) at 30% + 2x POW.
Passion (Berserker) can be used to Augment skills (see p. 76) when used in a furious rage, including Combat Styles (attacking only), certain uses of Athletics, certain uses of Brawn, Endurance to resist injury, Willpower to resist magical attacks, and other skills at the GM's discretion.
A Berserker must roll his Willpower against his Passion (Berserker) when trying to control his temper, ie ignoring an insult, stop fighting while enemies live, etc. Failure to resist his Passion (Berserker) results in an aggressive, violent action.

One Handed Spear - Shield - Benefit: Formation Fighting

Formation Fighting
Permits a group of three or more warriors to draw into close formation, placing more open or disordered opponents at a disadvantage (provided the ‘unit’ cannot be outflanked) and thus reducing each foe’s Action Points by one if they engage. Requires everyone else in the group to also have this benefit, otherwise the coordinated effort fails to lack of one or more participants being trained in the correct technique.