Thane Bondi Karanen
Bondi Karanen is a Orlanth Runelord, leader of the Karanen household, and Thane under Gralar Swan.  He is the current head of the Karanen family, married to Isond of the Fritholf.  He has a daughter, Indra of the Karanen.

Isond Fritholfdottir
Isond is one of the daughters of Adalvaldr Fritholf, and she was betrothed to Bondi Karanen at the age of 18.  She is a Chalana Arroy initiate, and doubles as the Karanen midwife.

Indra Karanendottir
Only daughter of the Karanen Thane, age 17, student of magic and combat and lay member of Vinga.

Storm Lord Gralar Swan, Hiording Dar and Council Leader
Current Clan Chief or Dar of the Hiording and a Runelord of Orlanth. He maintains a neutral relationship with the Lunar Oppressor, and takes things pragmatically.  He is supported by the Clan Godi, and is under the protection of 4 Swan Maidens.  Gralar is the leader of the Hiording Council, and the one to appoint council members, lawspeakers nad spirit talkers.  It is his duty to make sure all original clan bloodlines except the Penterest are represented in the council, and other positions of note are filled in a balanced manner.  The Dar has a bodyguard of 7 huscarls.

Adalvaldr Fritholf
Thane of the Fritholf Bloodline and head of the Fritholf Stead.  The Fritholf Household is known for his traders, and is traditionally led by a Issaries Runelord or Runelord-priest.

Gunnvior Aslandor
Thane of the Aslandor Bloodline and head of the Aslandor Stead.

Agmund Jarnolfson
Thane of the Jarnolfson Bloodline and head of the Jarnolfson Stead.

Gutti Jorason
Thane of the Jorason Bloodline and head of the Jorason Stead.

Hakon Dangmarson
Thane of the Dangmarson Bloodline and head of the Dangmarson Stead.

Clan Godi Holma Swandottir
Godi of the Hiording, Runepriest of Lhankor Mhy, seeker of knowledge, keeper of the spirit.  The Godi is the person in charge of keeping the Clan Wyter safe and nurtured.  She is present at all council meetings, and in consulted on just about anything.  Holma is the daughter of Haneela the Swanmaiden and Gralar.

Lawspeaker Spjall Jaarsten
A lawspeaker is consulted whenever the clanleader needs to decide about punishment, banishment, life and death and is a way of introducing justice in the clan.  There are always two lawspeakers: one male, one female, one young, one old.

Lawspeaker Isibel Aslandor
The second lawspeaker, traditionally younger and of the opposite sex.

Spirit Talker Egill Karanen
Spirit Talkers are the shamans of Heortland clans.  They are responsible for keeping their clan in touch with the spirits, the wyter, and to perform divinations and purifications whenever necessary.  Egill is the brother of Thane Bondi Karanen, and serves as the liaison between Gralar Swan and Bondi.  Egill spends most of his time in Swantown.

Spirit Talker Ailaif Penterest
The Penterest are a Household that rarely participates in daily life.  They remain in their woods and are the liaison to the Black Spear.  Ailaif Penterest is the Penterest well known to the rest of the clan: he visits Swantown regularly and also keeps in touch with the Godi and the other Shamans.

Spirit Talker Jodis Jaarsten
Spirit Talkers are the shamans of Heortland clans.  They are responsible for keeping their clan in touch with the spirits, the wyter, and to perform divinations and purifications whenever necessary.

The founder of the Hiording Clan, an immigrant to the Quivini Hills from Heortland who stole the magical wrap of a swan maiden named Safeela. She stayed with Hiord for seven years, and their children head the main bloodlines of the clan.

Swanmaiden whose swanrobe was stolen by Hiord. This forced her to remain with Hiord for 7 years, during which time she gave him 7 sons. Chose to remain with Hiord after the 7 years were over.

Minaryth Blue
Son of Renatha Swanrobe - a swanmaiden - of the Hiording Clan. Born in 1597. (Becomes Author of Events of my life)

Benava Chan
Benava is the Ernalda high priestess for all of the kingdom of Sartar. She also has strong connections with the shakers' cult. She is known to be calm and peaceful, except when the welfare of her earth of tribe is threatened. She is also very loyal to her Husband, Kallai Rockbuster. She does not like Kallyr Starbrow, who she thinks to be behind her husband's position.

Kallai Rockbuster
Kallai is an old and respected member of the Sartar Council. In 1602 he was wounded in the Battle at Runegate. The Colymar are the biggest tribe in Sartar, and Kallai is proud and envious. He mistrusts people from outside the tribe. He is married to Benava Chan, priestess of Ernalda. Their mutual loyalty is legendary already. They have several famous children, one of them a warrior daughter studying in the holy country.