Clan Info

The Hiording


The Southern Upper Swan Vale is where most the tula of the Hiording is located. It includes the north of the Colymar Wilds, almost all the way down to the HOUND KNOB and down to the PIG HOLLOW. The northern border of our tula is the Swan River. The mountains in the east Demarcate the territory of the Malani Tribe, although they see this differently.

The main Stead of our tula is Swan Town, also called Swanton, or simply Swan. It is located on the big road to Jonstown, near the Tarkalor Crossing. Another place of note is the hamlet of Apple Lane, famous for it's apples, and its Uleria's temple.

Most of the steads are located in the valley. The valley is rich, but hard to defend. It is open to all sides. Some of the hunter steads are located in the hills in the south, and border on the wilds.

Favored Terrain:Plains
Fortress: Reinforced Stead
Sacred Center: Mound of the Swan Spirit


Tula Size: 650 Hides or 337
Economic Specialty: Grain, Barley, Sheep

Land Use:

Agriculture: 150 Hides, mainly grain, wheat, barley, peas
Livestock: 180 Hides, mainly sheep, bovine, horses, pigs, chickens
Hunting / non-cultivated: 320 Hides.


Total: 1632
Adults: 817
Military: 402

Consisting of:

Dar: 1
Godi: 1
Swanmaiden: 4
Lawspeakers: 2
Spirit-talkers: 3
Council Members: 6
Huscarls to the Dar: 7
Other Thanes & Nobles: 39
Fyrd: 150
Cottar: 178


Total population: 1632

Female 888
Male 754

Children (1-14): 570
Adolescents (15-19): 126
Young Adults (20-35): 328
Mature Adults (36-59): 354
Elders (60+): 135

Clan Values

Ambition, Courage, Honor, Vengeful

Clan Abilities

Farming, Healing, Hunting, Herding, Temple Duty

Clan Characteristics

Wealth +1, War +13, Peace -9, Magic +8, Morale +10

Friends and Enemies

We are the HIORDING clan. We descend from Hiord of Heortland and fair Safeela, a Swanmaiden of the North. To our North are the VARMANDI, ancient enemies that caused us to join the Colymar for protection. Currently under truce, many of the pure bloodlines will never forget the wrongdoings of the Varmandi, and patiently wait for the moment they have to pay their debt.

To our East live the Clans of the MALANI. The Malani clans are our enemies, and on many occasions they have tried to plunder our lands and steads, or occupy our lands. We will attack them on sight whenever they fail to respect our boundaries.

The ANTORLING live to our South-East. They are a well known clan with an excellent reputation. We do not meet with them often, as they live on the other side of the Thunder Hills. Next to them, and to our South, live the BLACK SPEAR Clan. Many are the rumours that are told in our taverns about the Black Spear, that they have a pact with the Aldryami, that they know secret passageways in the deepest of the Colymar Wilds, that they are fearless and aggressive.  All of this is probably true.  However, we have an arrangement with the Black Spear, that we help one another in time of dire need, and when needed we can travel through their lands.  Still, our young warriors prefer not to.

The famous ORLMARTH of Starfire Ridge are our allies.  We marry their women, and they marry ours. They, too, honor the arrangement we made with the Black Spear.  They were present when the old agreement was made. The council members from all three clans are strongly in favor of rebellion, and form a front in the Tribe Ring.

The TARALING clan live to our west.  Their capital is the town of Runegate. We have no quarrel with them.

The LUNARS conquered Tarsh in 1590, and invaded Sartar in 1591.  Initially they are not very succesful, but that soon changes after they sack Runegate and Boldhome in 1602. The road between Runegate, where a Lunar Garrison is stationed, and Jonstown, is fairly well traveled by Lunar troops.  This road leads through Apple Lane, and therefore through Hiording territory.  The tribal Elders have, under pressure from king Kallai Korlmhysson of the Taraling, ordained that Lunar troops traveling the tulas of the Colymar Clans are not to be harmed or attacked, lest they should seek revenge against the Colymar.  Not all clans are happy with this decision, and the tribal ring is never held in a friendly atmosphere because of this issue.

Steads & Bloodlines

Our clan has nine steads. Seven stem from the original Hiord bloodline:

SWANTOWN of the ANGARORL (capital, farmers)
Own a patch of fine farming ground alongside the Swan River.

Own a patch of easily defendable land, with a stead in the hills.

Can be found deep in the wilds.  They traditionally provide trackers in times of need.

One of the best pieces of farmland in the tula is owned by the Fritholf.

HOUSEHOLD PENTEREST (hunters, keep in touch with the Black Spear)
By far the largest terrain, mainly forest and hills.  They keep in regular contact with the Black Spear Clan to the south.

The Dangmar have always been warriors, even since the son of Dangmar killed two trollkin at the age of 12.  They own the eastern lands on the frontier with the Malani.

HOUSEHOLD ASLANDOR (farmers & traders)
By far the richest family of the clan, the Aslandor are popular because the pay for the yearly trip to the Alda Chur market, and support many of the temples in the Hiording clan in times of need.  They traditionally provide the Weaponthane for Apple Lane.
Two were married in through betrothals to Swan Maidens:

The swanmaiden of the Dar who feel in love with a warrior from Heortland.  She asked for the Dar's permission to wed, and as is customary, was granted a piece of land.  The Karanen have a great sense of hospitality, and more cottar than any other family in the clan.

JAARSTEN (herders)
The daughter of a Dangmar Thane eloped with a young exile from Tarsh.  When the need arose, the young man returned and saved the Dangmar from treason, at the risk of his own life.  His bravery having been proven, the Dangmar allowed the marriage, although some of the more stubborn Dangmar still feel the reward to be out of proportion.  They received a part of the hills, and tend many herds.

Stead Pop. Adults Fyrd Thanes Nobles Huscarl
Swantown 143 71 36 1 10 4
Jarnolfson 121 60 36 3 4 0
Hunter Stead 88 44 8 0 1 3
Fritholfson 176 88 22 1 5 0
Penterest 342 171 98 1 12 0
Dangmarson 212 106 46 3 10 0
Aslandor 191 96 24 1 8 0
Karanen 166 84 26 1 2 0
Jaarsten 193 97 32 0 2 0
 Total 1632 817 345 11 57 7



Temples in Swantown: Orlanth, Ernalda
Temples in Apple Lane: Uleria, Worship temple to all deities

Shrines: Ernalda, Babeester Gor, Vinga, Humakt

Lunar Shrine: Seven Mothers

The Clan Wyter

The Swan Spirit, located on the holy mound in Swantown.
Stores POW for the clan, can be summoned in Swantown's defense.

Clan Runes and Totems

The Bronze Serpent: a symbol of strength to the Hiording
The Bronze Boar: wartime totem carried by the warbands