zaterdag 2 november 2013

A Farmer's life

Daerius and his Hoplites have a hard time escaping the Chaos area.  They are spotted by a patrol led by a Scorpion Man, and have to run for their lives.  It takes them considerable effort to seemingly escape, and they manage to get a breather and return to Xeiros' farm.  There they learn that the rest of the party have left for Boldhome, in order to find a messenger to Pavis and to the Old Wind Temple.  They have left nobody behind, and Xeiros and his wife and daughter are very pleased to see the party return.  They breathe a sight of relief as the mighty hoplites appear in sight on the hill, in front of the mighty sunset, and walk the last part down to the farm.  Their rejoicing quickly fades when, after a short report of what occurred, the pursuing chaos band appears over the same hill.  The hoplites have been followed, and before they have much time to react, the broo and their scorpion man leader charge forward.  Our heroes urge the farmer's wife and daughter inside, and turn around to face the charge, only to discover Xeiros the farmer has been hit by missile fire and is lying 20 yards in front of the farm, unable to move.  With a split second decision Daerius decides he cannot take the risk of breaking the line, and only seconds later the broos come charging across the field, while the scorpion man, at an incredible speed, makes a dash for the house.

Further seconds of indecisiveness, and the broos are upon them.  One of the broo though stops at the fallen Xeiros and starts the foul impregnation on the fallen farmer.  The fellow screams in agony, as the broo starts his nasty business, and Daerius and his hoplites cringe.  Inside they hear his wife sobbing and crying out the farmer's name.  There is nothing they can do, as the charge hits them, and the green hoplites face the ferocious attack.  The scorpion man, in the meantime, is dashing around the main farm building, and within seconds he is standing behind their shield wall.  Their only bit of luck is that the farmer is keeping one of the broos busy, it allows the party the small advantage trey need to quickly reduce the broo numbers and be able to brace for the scorpion man attack.  They manage to down the enemies, one by one, and the scorpion man is the last to go down.  They emerge as victors, but there is no happiness, as Alara stumbles out of the longhouse, her daughter in tow, and falls to her knees, weeping over the ravaged body of her dying husband.

The party stand around her, not knowing what to say.  They do what is necessary, and give the farmer a decent last voyage, before bariccading up in the house for the night.

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