The Gloranthan calendar

ea Season is comparable to our Spring. This time follows the rebirth of the Sacred Time, and during it all the young gods of the New Age are free to wander and exert their influences upon the world. This is the time of long dawns, gentle days, and the plantings and births of many new things.

ire Season is comparable to our Summer. The weather is generally hot and dry. This is the time for warming and ripening, when the plans and schemes of men mature and bear fruit along with the fields and the herds of men. It is the time which is best for campaigning with the military in good weather, or for studying magic in cool, shadowed libraries. The energies are ripe for active forces, intellectual pursuits, and outward expansions.

arth Season is comparable to our Fall, for the fruits of the fields are harvested then, and the herds are the largest before their slaughter to store food against the coming hard weather. The forces of life draw to themselves now, leaving fields and pastures to the approaching cold and darkness. Yet it is also the time of greatest plenty, and a period of great festivities and rejoicing.

ark Season is like our Winter, for at that time there is great hardship and gloom across the world. The Night Demons wield the cold weapons of ice and storm as if the Great Night had never passed. Weaker beings are wise to hide at this time, hoarding their store of food and mumbling cheerful prayers and stories over crackling fires. Only the boldest go forth in these weeks, or those with the most urgent business. Trolls are most active during this time, while brown elves sleep.

torm Season is the time of great violence and danger. The air gods rule this season, and their energies have always been of a violent and unpredictable time. This time is like the War of the Gods, when the gods mutually share their common heritage of warfare and destruction in order to maintain the cosmic balance. The spirits of life and darkness wage war. Sometimes the darkness spirits win, and the ice and cold drag on for weeks. Sometimes the spirits of life win, with spring-like weather and new shoots and buds. Usually, neither is entirely victorious, and this is a time of violent weather changes. Results of this bloody season can undo a whole year's constructive effort. Troubles begun here often inadvertently allow chaos forces to slip into the world, which are a great nuisance the following year.

acred Time equals two weeks in length, but is officially listed as being 14 days instead. Activities halt at this time and the world sets aside its daily life to suffer the death and rebirth of the cosmos in rituals. Oracles are sought and spells are cast to protect the land. All religious persons participate in re-enactments of their creation myths: to live, one must descend into death and be reborn. Enlightenment, even for the cosmos, lies in its rebirth. It is necessary for all people to participate in these annual ceremonies, for their commitment integrates the participants more fully into the world. With this integration it comes an unconscious understanding of the cosmic balance. This is a primary reason for the high level of mana generation and usage in Glorantha, for the massive release of energy during this time is a major factor in rejuvenating the cosmos. Failure to complete these acts will probably result in chaos seeping again into the world.

7 days = 1 Week
56 days = 8 weeks = 1 Season
294 days = 42 weeks = 5 seasons + Sacred Time = 1 Year

Days of the Week Weeks of the Season Seasons of the Year
1. Freezeday 1. Disorder (1-7) 1. Sea Season
2. Waterday 2. Harmony (8-14) 2. Fire Season
3. Clayday 3. Death (15-21) 3. Earth Season
4. Windsday 4. Fertility (22-28) 4. Dark Season
5. Fireday 5. Stasis (29-35) 5. Storm Season
6. Wildday 6. Movement (36-42) (Sacred Time)
7. Godsday 7. Illusion (43-49)

8. Truth (50-56)