zondag 18 april 2010

Ducks, Ducks and More Ducks

1605, Sea Season, Fire Week, Clayday
After several weeks of working in the fields of the Tula, repairing the buildings and studying with the wise woman, our friends have some spare time and decide to make another run to the wilds looking for herbs and wood for bows.  The Shaman provides them with some healing salve, and sends them on their way.
While making their way through the woods, they spot a wounded Duck, collapsed against a tree.  As they approach, they notice a second Duck, lying face down in the underbrush.  This one is grievously wounded, and on the brink of death.  As the young Hiording start bandaging the wounded ducks, they hear the noise of fighting coming through the trees.  It sounds like the fight is taking place just behind a small mound.
Since the wounded Ducks were unable to clarify what was going on, the party is not sure what to do next, when they see two more ducks under attack from a small gang of trollkin.  Still, after some consideration they decide to save the two remaining Ducks from what looks like certain death and a subsequent appearance as first course.  They charge forward, and take the trollkin by surprise.  These turn out to be no match for Kemal and Drayin.
They construct a small litter for the wounded Ducks, and take them along to the Tula of the Karanen, where the Shaman takes care of them all evening.  The next morning, the Duck are ready to leave, albeit with one still very weak Duck.  The trollkin did not yield much loot, but the party finds a crude skeleton key in the pockets on one of them.
The next day our friends head to Apple Lane in order to sell the new bows.  Gringle has a proposition for them, they have to stand guard during Gringle's absence.  Our two heroes accept, not knowing what they are getting themselves into.  That evening Gringle and Quackjohn are ready to leave for Swantown, when the Pawnshop is attacked by a gang of Baboons.  Just as the one night guards think they are going to come out ahead, a second group of thugs breaks into the pawnshop through the backdoor.  As the party sees the centaur leading the newcomers, they become quite scared.  However, at that exact moment, Gringle bursts out of the backroom and downs the centaur with one mighty stroke.  The fight now quickly turns in the party's favor.  When Xarban is downed, the fight is over.  The party repairs the damage to the roof, and the next morning they assemble their loot and collect their pay.  They fail, however, to fully understand the exchange in tradetalk between Gringle and Xarban, and Gringle will collect the ransom without sharing.

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