zondag 4 juli 2010

Broo Invasion

1605, Fire Season, Movement Week, Windsday

 Kemal and Drayin are allowed to participate on the trip to the Runegate market.  Because of one of the traders getting sick on the way, Kemal and Drayin end up having to man their own stand.  They are given precise instructions on what price they can sell their sheep.  However, most of the customers intend to trade rather than pay with silver, making it an awkward experience for the two young cottars.

Things turn bad the moment a delegation of Black Spear arrive on the plot where our adventurers are trying to run their business.  They request aid from the Hiording, their allz clan, and Kemal and Drayin let themselves be talked into giving the Black Spear 20 sheep.  They neglect to make propoer introductions, they have no name of the recipient, and of course they get in a lot of trouble with the clan and teh Issaries Runelord.  They are called before the council in Swantown, but the Karanen Thane takes up their defense and because of their lack of experience they are not punished.  The council, however, makes a remark about the boys' age, and insist that they make an effort to pass their adulthood rites as soon as possible.

After the meeting the group returns to the Karanen stead via Apple Lane.  They notice a campfire in the hills south of Apple Lane, in the middle of Karanen territory.  However, the Thane knows of no parties so far outside at this late hour.  Upon arriving in the Karanen stead, a patrol is sent to investigate.  The next day the party has not returned, so a large patrol including Kemal and Drayin is sent to investigate.  They discover the campfire, as well as the 3 fyrd from last night's patrol, all dead.  The intruders are nowhere to be seen, but the place has clearly been tainted by chaos.

The clan sends a delegation to the nearest Storm Bull temple, and the next day Storm Kahn Buxor arrives.  He insists on solving the problem alone, and snickers when the Karanen thane tries to convince him to take a patrol by telling him three have died.  He does, however, accept the two protagonists as a guide.

The two lead Buxor into the hills, where he begins his divinations.  He soon discovers a party of broo in hiding, but fails to locate a broo shaman and his assistant hiding behind him.  As he charges towards the party of Broo, the Shaman jumps out of hiding, and attacks Kemal and Drayin, who were ordered to stay back by Buxor.  This fight turns ugly very quickly, the boys are no match for the shaman and his helper, and Drayin nearly dies, until Buxor spots the danger, returns and rescues the day.

The Storm Kahn starts the rites of purification, and Kemal and Drayin empty the pockets of the shaman and find a POW 7 storage crystal.

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