How the Hiording came into existance

The Hiording founded their Tula about 1350 ST.

Here is how the clan started out when they arrived in the vale: Fyrd: 65 fyrd-men, 7 huscarls, 2 noble.  Old Hiord married Sofeela the Swan Maiden, who is a little goddess of the Swan Vale. His seven sons are the main bloodlines of his small clan. Sofeela has blessed them with much wealth and many new steads start to dot the Swan Vale.

Hiord was the founder of the Hiording Clan, an immigrant to the Quivini Hills from Heortland who stole the magical wrap of a swan maiden named Safeela. She stayed with Hiord for seven years, and their children head the main bloodlines of the clan.  The two of them had 7 sons:  Jarnolf the Priest, Fritholf the Lawspeaker, Angarorl the Chief, Jorasor, Aslandar, Dangmar and Penterest.  Two other families have joined the Hiording, and now there are nine bloodlines in the clan.

The Hiording Clan joined the original 5 clans of the Colymar in order to seek protection from the enemy Vardani clan.  Although originally very open and hospitable, the invasion by Lunar and Tarsh has made them more mistrustful, and a lot more effort is being made in order to be ready for war.

The Hiording were very much oriented towards farming, but in the latest decennia some of the families built new Steads in the southern hills.  Although the ground is less rich there, a Stead in the hills provides much better protection.  Also, the fact that some families focus on hunting more than farming, prepares the clan better for the cold winters.  Since the Karanen and Jaarsten households joined, the Hiording also have a lot more herders.  So more and more, the cult focuses on three economic strengths: farming, herding and hunting.

The clan spirit is the Swan, and whenever the Clan Stead is threatened, the elders of the Clan will try to summon the clan spirit to the aid of the Stead of Swan.

Open issues concerning the Colymar grounds

From RuneQuest Daily, by Sam

It seems to me that Redbird was Colymar until two of the Three-Tree clans were forced to join the Malani by the Lunars - Lysan and Namoldin(g) - in 1613.
But who owns it after 1613? There are a few options,

1) It has been taken over by the Lunar Army. Quite plausible this one but there is no proof anywhere.

2) It is still held by the Colymar. Well, the Antorling "Apple" Clan are still in the Arfritha vale and the birches of "over two ridges, from the place where birches grow" are only a mile(ish) west of Redbird which KoS claims is still owned by the Antorlings. Perhaps the Antorlings hold it. Possible, but I highly doubt that the Lunars would be into this. Also, Greg's map contradicts Kos on this, putting the extent of the Antorling lands a good few miles short of the birches.

3) The Malani hold it. Three sub possibilities;

i) The Lysan(g) hold it. Possible as they live to the north and west of Redbird around Larnste's Table. Unlikely as they probably still hold some loyalty to the Colymar.

ii) The Namoldin(g) hold it. Also possible as they hold the land to the west of Redbird. Unlikely for the same reasons.

iii) It has been given to the Malani, *but* the former Colymar tribes cannot be trusted to use it in the interest of the Malani and so has to be policed in some way, either by Lunars or other Malani or both. My favourite theory.

Of course, these theories seem to revolve around the fact that the Malani are in the Lunar Pocket. A fact I appear to have taken for granted, but now I come to think of it, I fear I have no proof for. Did I read it or did I make it up? The only reference I can find, somewhat hurriedly (If anyone could shed light on this I would be grateful) is that they were not among Starbrow's Rebellion. As this was concluded around Larnste's Table "with the Lunar army visible below" I would assume that the Lysan were involved making them less of a candidate for the Redbird holders *and* perhaps it was at Redbird that the Lunar's were camped at.

I could well be wrong in my assumption that the Malani were not great resisters of the Lunars, in which case many more of the above scenarios could be possible. I still doubt that it is Colymar though.

My campaign has Redbird Policed by the Lunars and ruled by an Orleving. My reasons are not really logic rather than story-preference. With the Orlevings holdin 2 forts around the Varmandi it makes them a real nasty enemy. Also as the Varmandi are the *most* warlike of the Colymar it would seem good politics for the Lunars to put their sworn enemies between them and the rest of Lunars in Boldhome and Jonstown.

Larnste's Table
Apart from being a big hill with a flat top, what *is* Larnste's table and what does it have to do with the affore mentioned God of mobility? Is this where Larnste stopped to chat with "the ancient one" perhaps the Ormthane in Ormthane vale? (if indeed Ormthane does mean Dragon King). Perhaps they shared a goblet or two apon this very spot?

Black Altar
What is this? It doesn't appear on Greg's maps other than being close to the grave of Iskell Varmandson where he was done-in by Orlev One-eye. Quite why this would justify a "black altar" I have no Idea. This is, I fear, a red herring. Why is there a road leading to it on the Apple Lane map? There isn't one on Greg's Colymar map. Are Black Altar and Tarndisi's grove the only two altar's in the Colymar lands? My advice would be to tippex them out of the Apple Lane map and forget them until someone comes up with something better.         

Lunar Manors
There are a two of these marked on Greg's map. One by the Swan River and the road south of Runegate. One just south of Old man in the Nymie Vale. There is a Lunar Rune drawn on the Runegate one. Does this signify some sort of temple? What is meant by a "manor"? A farm, a Roman style manor house, a semi military base?

Askander`s ridge
Haha! How Gregged can you get! This is mentioned in the WMFTM in Genertela:Player's book. It refers to "trolls ... that ate all the sheep on Askander's Ridge". I took this to mean that this ridge is probably somewhere around the Varmandi's lands.. Oh, but NO! It lies directly south of Boldhome,  probably just west of Richberry Vale and Lookout and south of Ingan. Not even Colymar land, let alone Varmandi. This is also the place marked as where Barngradus, second Colymar King, fought Borngold the Usurper (c. 1350ish?).

Hound Knob
A large hill directly 4-5 miles south of apple lane, just north of Tarndisi's Grove. It doesn't appear on the Apple Lane map. At least not the new one. There is two contenders on the old map. I recon this is what the large lump marked on Jon Quaife's map in TotRM5 is although I reckon his pen slipped when he named the dragon-newty-runey-thingy Hound Knob instead. The splodge next to it says "Agbor`s Stead" or "Asbor's" depending on how you read the handwriting.Queen Leika is killed at the Battle of Hound Knob c1638. If Larnste's Table looks like a table I wonder what this looks like?

Varmandi Tula
The main Varmandi settlement is at Oakton which is derictly between Swanton, Tarkalor keep and Rainbow Mounds. Solid Oak Stead is 2 milesish North east of Oakton. Both are on or around the swan river. Swan is on the Swan river; Apple lane is at least a mile south of the southern split. The Swan river serves as the south boundry for the Varmandi lands. Sadly, I had the whole lot in the Ormthane Vale. The Orlevings swamped the south Ormthane Vale in 1400.

Tarkalor Keep
It is unclear from Greg's map whether this is or isn't part of the Varmandi Lands. Minaryth Blue was born here in 1597 and he was a Hiording (Swanson). Greg's map puts it either within or just North of the Varmandi lands. The Orlevings came this way around 1400ish. It has 1572? written beside it. I wonder what that means.. Was this a look-out post againsed the Lunar king Phargentes of Tarsh and his army? Did Tarkalor ever stay here? He was married to the Feathered Horse Queen in 1575 so if he did he probably didn't stay long. Tarkalor Keep isn't mentioned in the Zin Letters either. I would assume that it *was* built by Tarkalor in 1572 who had been king for 3yrs. Who owns it now? The Lunars? Why would they leave a valuable keep to the Colymar? Being it is only 5 miles from Runegate, how did it escape being caught up in the Lunar Attack of 1602?

Apple Lane
"..on the traditional boundry between the Colymar and the Malani". Greg's Colymar map would mark it out as well within the Hiording boundry. Is it independent? Which clan if any did Gringle represent on the high council?

Zarran & Taral Wars & Karandoli clan
I think these started in 1400ish when the Orlevings moved south through the Ormthane Vale, forcing the Varmandi out. Earlier in the beginning of the 1300s  the Varmandi had been forced out of the Afritha vale by the Namoldin, Lysan and Antorling(?) (or whoever they were before). With the advancing Orlevings the Varmandi saw this is a good opertunity to try to reclaim some of their old land and duly attacked the Karandoli(?). Venharl was king of the Colymar at this time and also a Karandoli. He died at the beginning of the Zarran Wars (c.1418). The Zarran wars ended with the destruction of the Karandoli tribe and the passing of the Malani tribe. This contradicts what is said in "Lost Clans" which says they arrived *after* the passing of the Malani and were destroyed by Jenstli clan magic. Also, if the Karandoli clan *were* destroyed around 1420 then where was Ortossi (Colymar king 1479-1491) from? The Varmandi also claim to have destroyed the Karandoli in the Taral War (supposedly before the Zarran Wars). Confused? You will be... in The Second Wave, the Zarran war is said to be over by 1360. If the Karandoli were in the Brambleberry Hills then they weren`t even the Varmandi's Neighbours.

Recent Dragon Pass Timeline

1598 ST After the death of King Dangmet, the Colymar tribe elect Jarstarkos Hendsson as their new king [KoS].
1600 ST Prince Tesarin is blinded by a Moonbeam while trying to escape a hungry dinosaur [G:CotHW#2, KoS]. His son Salinarg is acclaimed as Prince of Sartar and crowned on the third attempt. The Household of Death is formed. Lunar spies make a report on the size of the Colymar [KoS].
1602 ST Sartar falls to the Lunar Empire after a massive invasion. Kallai Rockbuster is wounded at Runegate fort [WF].Euglyptus is named as Governer General of Dragon Pass [KoS]. Ignifier the Red Emperor suffers serious injuries after being wounded by Harsaltar [KoS, FS]. After King Jarstakos is killed in the initial fighting, Orlkarth Lhankpentsson of the Taraling clan becomes the new Colymar King. His reign is short as he is killed at the battle of Boldhome. As a result, Fistivos Gravar of the Seven Brothers Clan became King of the Kolymar [KoS]. After the fall of Boldhome, the Dinacoli and the Argsol clan surrender Jonston to the Lunars without a fight [HoW]. While Tusk Riders raid Balazar, Dagori Inkarth takes advantage of this by raiding the Stinking Forest [DW#28]. Lunars confiscate the town of Quackford from the Anoring clan [KoS]. King Gunar Grostyrsson of the Cinsina is killed fighting against Salinarg. King Hofstaring Treeleaper of the Culbrea escapes the fall of Boldhome by jumping over the Cliffs of Boldhome [HoW]. Garystar Flatnose's wife and infant son are killed in the fighting [WF].
1603 ST King Fistivos Gravar of the Colymar clan is killed fighting Telmori. His successor is Kallai Korlmhysson of the Taraling clan [KoS]. Tarsh is raided by Aggarites Tuskers raid Dagori Inkarth. Widespread unrest in Sartar. Unrest is reported among the Ditali which spreads to raiding Caladraland. Grazers raid Esrolia. Praxians raid Heortland. [DW#28]. Gragort Hendriksson is elected King of the Cinsina tribe [HoW].
1604 ST King Moraides of Tarsh dispatches an army to punish certain Aggar clans for raiding Tarsh soil. Dagori Inkarth again raids the Stinking Forest. Grazers raid Esrolia [DW#28]. The Culbrea are listed as rebel tribes by the Lunars. An old feud starts up between the Malanni and the Balmyr. The Malanni are ignorant of the origins of the feud but believe it to have started with the Balmyr [HoW].
1605 ST Lunars defeated at the Building Wall Battle [G:CotHW#2]. Tusk Riders raid Tarsh [DW#28]. War between the Maboder and the Cinsina leds to the Cinsina ceding land back to the Maboder after pressure from the Lunars. The Osmann clan of the Cinsina is raided by the Telmori. King Gragort marches against the Telmori [HoW].
1606 ST Orlanthi Priests agitate for the expulsion of Lunar Missionaries from their clans. Esrolia raids the Grazelands. The Maboder Tribe is annihilated by the Telmori. Tarsh mounts an invasion of the Stinking Forest to punish the Tusk Riders for raiding [DW#28]. The Osmann clan of the Cinsina is ravaged by the Telmori [HoW].
1607 ST Jomes Hostralos defeats the Telmori in the Wolf Hunt with Malani and Cinsina support. The Cinsina recieve half the lands of the Telmori and Jomes the other half [HoW]. Tusk Riders raid Aggar. Esrolians raid the Grazelands [DW#28]. Clearwine is burned [KoS]. 3000 lunar infantry killed at Ghost Gors trapped in the forest during Darkseason and harassed by Orlanthi [QL].
1608 ST Tusk Riders raid Sartar [DW#28].
1609 ST Tarshite and Sartarite troops raid the Stinking Forest in the Great Boar Hunt. Success is questionable. Grazers raid Esrolia [DW#28].
1610 ST Euglyptus the Fat imposes new taxes on Sartar although the Malani are exempt [KoS]. Trolls from Dagori Inkarth raid the Stinking Forest. Sartarite clans raid Heortland [DW#28]. Hafsar Blueeyes enters Crabtown [ITR].
1611 ST The Righteous Wind revolt is crushed by Harvar Ironfist. He is named Prince of Aldachur [KoS]. Many refugees swarm southward to Torkani lands [QL]. Dagori Inkarth again raids the Stinking Forest [DW#28]. Gaudyr Longsword, son of Hystor, becomes chief of the Gwandor [HoW]. The Zorak Zorani of the Sazdorf tribe are beaten by a lunar party and then later by Sartarite Humakti. They found the Temple of the Wooden Sword in the Sazdorf caves [WF].
1613 ST The Sartar High Council meets over Lunar plans to desecrate the Temple of Orlanth Victorious. Kallyr Starbrow is elected Temporary Princess of Sartar. The Lunar column sent to desecrate the Temple is destroyed and Starbrow's revolt begins. The Aranwyth and the Torkani refuse to take part in the revolt out of fear of the Telmori. The Wilmskirk confederation is reluctant to send troops, claiming to have a growing troll war on its southern frontier [WF]. King Wandros Ironarm of the Malanni forbids his tribe from taking part . Five of the nine Cinsina clans led by King Gragort join Starbrow. After three of the clans desert, Gragort accepts Lunar amensty. Northern Sartar accepts the rule of King Moraides. King Kallai of the Colymar tribe is exiled. His successor was Leki Orlkensorsdotter of the Taraling clan after she took the Crown Test at Snakepipe Hollow. Most rebel leaders accept Fazzur's truce and emigrate to Heortland. King Hofstaring Treeleaper of the Culbrea is sent to Hell and Tonalang Greathelm is never seen again. Fazzur makes peace with Temertain and proclaims a progom against the Ducks [KoS]. Grazers raid Sartar [DW#28]. The Lunar authorities order the Zethnorin clan to leave the Colymar tribe and join the Locaem whereas the Lysan and the Namoldin clans have to leave the Colymar to join the Malani [KoS]. The Dinacoli tribe leaves the Jonston confederation and joins the Farpoint Tribes under Harvar Ironfist [QL] The chieftains of the Culbrea flee to the hills leaving the Culbrea clans demoralized and leaderless [HoW].
1614 ST Temertain, second cousin of Salinarg is installed as Prince of Sartar [KoS]. The Kingdom of Sartar is finally pacified [G:CotHW#2]. Grazers raid Tarsh. Civil unrest in Sartar. The Lunar Provincial Army raids the Grazelands [DW#28]. Encouraged by the Lunars, King Gragort Hendriksson makes war on the Cinsina tribe and conquers three leaderless clans including the Blueberry. The Culbrea lose three clans to the Cinsina and the Aranwyth. The Lunars confiscate the tribal house of the Culbrea in Jonston. Chief Gaudyr Longsword of the Gwandor is declared outlaw. Ranulf Grimblade is elected the King of the Culbrea and repoaches the Malani for remaining inactive during the recent troubles [HoW].
1615 ST Queen Leki of the Colymar tribe is outlawed by her own tribe. Her successor is Kangharl Blackmoor, son of Kagrad of the Taralong clan [KoS]. Grazers and Tusk Riders raid Tarsh. Heortlanders raid Sartar [DW#28]. Ironhoof aids Grazers and Venderi against a Lunar invasion. Lunars extablish a slave farm in Nymie valley [KoS]. The Culbrea tribe loses a clan to the Cinsina tribe after a small war [QL] The Cinsina tribe attacks the Telmori and makes further land gains [HoW].
1616 ST The Pharoah is dismembered by Jar eel the Razoress [G:CotHW#2]. Tusk Riders and Heortlanders raid Sartar [DW#28]. Gaudyr Longsword is captured and sentenced to death. He escapes before he can be nailed up for good [HoW].
1618 ST The Dundealos tribe revolts against the Lunars after a tax collector rapes the daughter of their king. The lunar army made an example of the tribe, either killing them, enslaving them or forcing them to flee to Prax. Those that remained were forcibly converted to the Lunar Way and renamed the Enstalos tribe [QL]. Grazelands suffer a Tusk Rider raid [DW#28]. Two Mistress Race trolls are spotted in Dragon Pass [UL]. The Lunars permit the Culbrea tribe to use their tribal house in Jonston [HoW]
1619 ST Tusk riders raid Tarsh [DW#28]. The Kultain tribe is broken up by the Lunar authorities and given to other Tribes [QL].
1620 ST Tusk Riders mount an invasion of Tarsh. Grazers raid Esrolia [DW#28]. Gaudyr Longsword is again captured and sent to the Empire. He slipped his guard and escaped [HoW].
1621 ST The Red Emeror declares 1621 the Extra Full Moon Year. General Fazzur is sacked from the Lunar Army and is given a post as General of Tarsh. Tatius the Bright is named as his successor [KoS]. Grazers raid Esrolia [DW#28]. Gamlaks sing over Ironspike [QL].