maandag 6 juni 2011

New campaign featuring the Ernaldor

(c)2000 David Dunham - King of Dragon Pass -

A new campaign is in the making: we had ourselves a demo game, and there was much rejoicing.  The main players will create a character from the Ernaldor clan, based in Old Man Village or Clearwine.  There will be a few off and on players that have some more liberty making a character, but they'll get out less as a consequence: the events are geared towards young Orlmarth seeking their luck in adventuring instead of sweating in the fields.
The year is 1618.  Temertain has become Prince of Sartar only a few years ago.  The colymar king is a Lunar string puppet.  The Orlanth temples are under Lunar control, and if not for Orlanth Adventurous and the traveling priests, the cult would be in a bad state indeed.  The only free Orlanthi are now in Hendrikei, where Broyan has become king.  What way will fate take our merry band?  North into Tarsh and Lunar?  South to join the free men? East into the wastelands? Or westwards, to discover lands unknown?

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