zondag 10 april 2011

Payback time!

The trollkin gang on the move with their spoils.
1605, Earth Season, Movement Week, Clayday

After returning to the Stead, our heroes aid in repairing the damage done by the magical snow storms, before the Karanen Thane gives them a new mission: to locate the whereabouts of the trollkin troupe that is suspected to have killed the lumberjacks in the northern forest.

After taking in supplies, our party heads north into the woods.  After about half an hour of hiking, they are attacked by two giant ticks.  The party stands to fight, and one of the ticks is killed quite easily, but the other one manages to attach itself to Kemal's leg and inject its debilitating poison before it too is dispatched.  Kemal collapses onto the ground babbling nonsense and unable to move any further.  His two clansmen decide to build a primitive stretcher, and return to the stead to ask for the shaman's help.
Once Kemal is good to go again, we set off again into the northern woods.  Upon arriving at the old lumberjack camp, they manage to find some tracks that point in the direction they followed the last time around, and start following them, avoiding some gorps near the creek while heading in eastern direction.  They notice the Hound Knob in the distance.  Suddenly they are under attack from a gang of trollkin.  After some exchange of arrow fire, they prepare for the clash, when they notice the dark troll leading the trollkin.  It is to late to retreat, and our brave Hiording have no choice but to stand and fight.  The trollkin group up and try to press home the attack by superior coordination, but fail to break the adventurers, who slowly retreat while fighting in order to spread the enemy out as much as possible, as strategy that turns out favourable: when the dark troll charges into them, all three of them focus on the ferocious dark creature, and after a bloody fight they manage to put the fiend down.

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