zondag 2 januari 2011

A weird occurence

1605, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Windsday

The week begins under good auspices, when Indra learns she receives a hide of land upon becoming an adult in the Hiording tribe.  She asks her cottar friends Kemal and Drayin to accompany her to the hide, in order to inspect it, but before they have the opportunity to do so, a snowstorm erupts out of nothing, highly unusual for the time of year.
The tribe members gather in the village square in order to discuss this freak occurrence, when one of the wardens arrives and reports that the Karanen cemetary has been disturbed, and several graves have been disturbed.  This is alarming news indeed, and it is to be suspected that evil forces are at work.  The shaman decides to perform a telling and the signs are clear.  Chaos is at work, dark plans are unfolding, danger lurks in the woods.  The Karanen Thane sends out patrols in all directions.  Our heroes are sent south, towards the lumber encampment in the forest.  As they approach the camp, they notice it is abandoned.  Upon close inspection they find there has been fighting.  Two unknown trails head out of the camp, but the snow makes it hard to track.  They find tracks of a troll party, heading east, and other tracks heading south.  Since they have been noticing how the snow got heavier and heavier as they went south, but not when they headed east, they decide the cause of the snow must be magical, and to the south, so they decide to head that way in order to stop the snow, that risks to damage crops just weeks before harvest.

After some difficult searching in the snow, they approach a snow-free area, and notice a pair of Broos in the middle of an incantation.  It is clear one of them is performing powerful weather magic.  The other Broo spots them and attacks by summoning a ghost.  The second Broo stops the incantation and summons a chaos beast, that also attacks the party.  They decide to press on.  Drayin is attacked by the spirit but succeeds in beating it.  The party suffers some wounds, and both Kemal and Indra are infected with the Chills, but succeed in killing the surprised Broos.

Upon returning to the village, the Shaman performs a healing ritual, and our heroes learn that a raiding party was reported in the North, and a big patrol was sent north to investigate.  However, the news of the death of the thee lumberjacks is equally alarming.  The family head sends our three adventurers after the suspected murderers: the Troll party whose tracks led east.  Before doing so, however, they head to Apple Lane in order to trade the stuff they found on the Broos to Gringle.

On the way to Apple Lane, they are ambushed by a Dragon Snail, another indication of the increased Chaos presence.  They dispatch the horror without too much trouble, and are in luck as it does not explode upon perishing.  After getting a good price for their loot, they head back to the lumber jack camp.  The snow has gone, the weather has returned to normal, and following the tracks will now prove a lot easier.

They follow the tracks of the troll party all the way to the river, only to run into a party of Broo that seems to be following the same group of Trolls.  The Broo try to ambush our party, but fail.  Once again, our brave Hiording save the day.

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