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Clearwine Fort

1618. Sea Season. Stasis. Freezeday

Characters partaking:
Aylwin from the Orlmarth - Colymar Tribe, played by Philip
Blanka from the Ernaldori - Colymar Tribe, played by Bram
Gunnar 'the devoted' Gunnarson from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Gunther
Hjotra from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Dominique
Ulic Qel-Droma, a Bagnot resident from Tarsh, played by Alexander

The Starfire Ridges: the Upper Ridges

he adventurers enter stage in Clearwine Fort, Nymie Valley.  The lowlands of the Nymie Vale have good farmlands but much of the better farm land is claimed by the Ernaldor clan. Ancient standing stones can be found throughout the valley, many are associated with the goddess Orane who found shelter in this valley. Sacrifices to Ernalda are made by the clan priestess at Orane’s Loom. The flanks of the valley are very fertile, the soil is clay and limestone, which makes for exceptional wine.  The Nymie Vale was once an important settlement of the Empire of Wyrms Friends and the remnants of the draconic empire can be seen throughout the Vale. Chief Colymar defeated the draconic guardians of Clearwine Fort and shattered their power over the Vale when he settled the valley with his Black Spear Clan, but many ruins are still avoided by the locals.  The village of Clearwine is filled with farmers, crafters and petty traders. The streets are mostly mud, only the road up to the sacred hill was paved in stone; another road was paved with wooden planks. Pigs, sheep and even cows wander through the village, accompanied by their herders.

lanka's aunt and uncle used to be important people in the Ernaldori clan, but have lost most of their influence since Kangharl Kadragusson became king instead of Leika Ballista.  This Colymar king is a thane who allied with the Lunars to seize the tribal kingship. Although few support his Lunar associations, he is still respected as a warrior and warleader. Kangharl is also increasingly feared by his enemies, who call him “Blackmoor” (an ancient slur against those kings who serve foreign overlords). The son of Kagradus Korlmhysson of the Taraling clan, Kangharl served his uncle King Kallai Rockbuster as thane and warleader. He was exiled following Starbrow’s Rebellion in 1613, but returned in 1615 to seize the tribal kingship from his kinswoman Leika Ballista.

he party is confronted with a crime: a gang of robbers entered the Longhouse of Blanka's family and stole various valuable heirlooms and a large amount of silver coins.  The gang was described to consist of some goblins, ducks and humans.  Blanka's uncle tried to fight off the robbers, but got wounded gravely doing so.  The Lunar guard seem to be doing very little effort to solve the crime.  Blanka gathers some information, but seems uninspired to help his family members.  Instead, during a visit to the White Grape Inn, they run into a gentleman who offers them a job.  After some haggling they agree to transport a cart full of goods to the village of Grey Dog.  Grey Dog village is the clan center of the Grey Dog clan, belonging to the Malani tribe.  The Malani tribe are not the Colymar's best friends, but this has not overly worried the adventurers.  They meet the next dawn, and leave for Grey Dog Village.  The weather is cloudy but dry, and the party travels expeditiously.

uring a short break, they notice a bear with cubs entering the clearing they are sitting in.  The animal notices them, and it gets nervous quick.  Aylwin decides it is time to go and drives the cart out of the clearing fast, the other party members clinging to the side of the wagon.  The rest of the morning the travelers enjoy the surroundings, and they fail to notice a band of robbers trying to set up ambush until one of them is noticed.  The party opens fire, and soon it becomes apparent that the band of robbers is bigger than initially expected, but it is too late to flee.  Through some very effective magic and ranged fire they manage to subdue the robbers, and win the fight.  Now what to do with them?  Carry them to Black Spear tula?  The facts happened on their lands.  Hand over the robbers to the Lunar authorities?  They would surely end up in one of the Lunar slavefarms.  Maybe they need to find out more...

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