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To the rescue in Wilmskirk

1618. Fire Season. Harmony. Clayday

Characters partaking:
Drayin from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Dani 
Kemal from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Dominique
Indra Karanendottir, a Hiording noble from the Karanen Bloodline, played by Florence

The baboons attack our adventurers
ndra Karanendottir of the Hiording and her aides, Kemal and Drayin, have been traveling for some time now.  Their travels took them to Quackford, where they got in conflict with the local thieves gang, so rather than risk any harm they decide to leave town and head for Boldhome.  They travel via the Stone Road and pass Wilmskirk the day after.  About one hour down the road from Wilmskirk, the party enters a small hamlet, three of four Steads, with lots of grazing land.  However, no cattle is visible, apart from an old shepherd and some sheep, and one mangy cow.  No farmers, no warriors, it sure is a most distressing sight.  As our adventurers approach the shepherd is wary at first, but seeing the clan attire of the hiording and the torq of a clan noble, he loosens up and tells the party about the incessant raids this small hamlet has been enduring since several weeks now.  A gang of raiders has been stealing cows almost daily, and although the few warriors that guard the steads have been constantly pursuing the robbers, they have been unable to stop the looting.  As a final measure, a F?yrd Women blessing ritual has been performed at the small Vinga shrine, and all the woman have left as well, a second party trying to trap the looters or discover their hideout.

his morning the raiding party attacked once more, and the warriors took to their horses straight away, in an attempt to stop the thieves and return the stolen cattle.  However, since the raiders and the warriors have left, another problem has arisen.  A gang of baboon has discovered just how vulnerable this stead has become with all the warriors gone, and they have been trying to steal the last few pieces of cattle.  Already, they ran off with a plow, and Melche the shepherd expects them to return to try and steal more valuable items.  The shepherd has locked himself into the horse pen with the cow and his sheep, and is guarding the stead as well as possible, but if the baboons return, he will not be able to hold them off and prevent them from entering the buildings and looting them.  Indra and her companions decide they must help the Shepherd in his mission, and they keep the man company.  Surely, before one hour has passed, they hear noises, and a gang of baboon appears on the hill near the cattle pen.  The three adventurers charge forward, and quickly dispatch a small baboon, but have a hard time killing of the leader, when suddenly a baboon shaman appears.  The shaman starts summoning disease spirits, and although the warriors resist the spirit's attack, the fight starts to turn ugly.  It is not until they manage to subdue thye leader that the tables change.  The shaman makes one final effort to heal the leader using a healing spirit, but Indra reaches the leader just in time and finishes him off.
The shaman has no intention to follow his commander, and runs.  Kemal and Indra fire several arrows, but are unable to prevent the shaman's escape.  For hours, the shaman keeps following them, staying just out of reach, until the party succeeds in throwing the baboon off their scent.

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