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The Aftermath...

1621, Third Day of the Sacred Time

After the fight with the Broo, the party are checking for wounded, looting the dead, and trying to revive collapsed Herculon.  They are too busy to notice the scorpion man sneaking up, until the evil creature is within charge range.  The scorpion man emits sleeping waves as a chaotic feature, and the entire party, with the sole exception of Giomanach, falls asleep.

The scorpion man chasing Giomanach.
The scorpion man notices Giomanach remains standing, and charges forward to skewer the lightly armored mage.  Giomanach is clever and scared enough to run, increasing the distance between the scorpion man and the rest of the party. Raiko and Jaya come to their senses, as does still wounded Daerius.  The latter attempts a first aid.  Meanwhile, Giomanach is under attack from the scorpion man, and desperately blocks as much as possible.  He gets lucky and blinds the scorpion man, buying himself some time.  In the meantime, Raiko summons an undine and makes it head towards the scorpion man,

Herculon, in the meantime, is still trying to wake up, but after a few seconds of awareness he loses conscienceness again.  But now, the party has a much better chance:  the undine has enveloped the beast, and the sleeping rays are filtered out.  Between the three of them, the party would still have had a hard time, will both warriors out of action, but the undine saves the day.  The scorpion man drowns.

Once the dust settles, a party of riders appears.  These are the guards of Duke Raus of Rone, who have come in aid of the fort, with some delay.  They have been informed by Tameh, the rescued kid, and are thankful the party took care of the broo and the scorpion man so efficiently.  The party is invited to Ronegarth, and receives healing and shelter for the night.

he next, fourth day of the Sacred Time, the party leaves Ronegarth, heading north on the Zola Fel.  As they approach the north Bog, they are recognized as the River Voices, and are made to feel very welcome.  Raiko enchants the crowd with his stories.  They meet the Naiad, get acquainted to the catfish Zola Fel Priest Bright-Eye, meet a Agimori warrior, kill a gorp or two, and then continue their voyage to Pavis, taking along a severely wounded newtling, called Ge'hechya and a dead newtling, by the name of Ma'Char.

During their stay with the Naiad and Bright-Eye, Raiko has taken the vows as a Cleansed One lay member.
  Now, when heading north, they sail into a rare sight: on the left bank the fishermen villages, on the right sight, high up the bank, a huge encampment from the Sun Dome Templars.  The adventurers notice a huge ballista on the bank, and for a moment they think they're running into an ambush.  Then the River Barge hits the huge gorp lying in the Zola Fel.  The crash is so unexpected, that several party members are catapulted into the water.  It takes some aid from the driver undine to get everyone out of the water safely.  In the process, the boat is ripped in two.

They notice Yelanda, now a Rune Lord, standing amongst the commanders at the command tent.  Jaya returns the crown of Yamsur to her, making a friend for life.  Yelanda speaks for the party, who want to resurrect the newtling Ma'Char, much against the inclination of the Sun Domers.  The party get their way, and Ma'Char and Ge'hechya leave for their hometown, after making a promise of returning and serving the party for one year.  The party tells the Sun Domers all they know about the Gorps, the Breeder Gorps, and their experience in trying to kill them.  This Breeder is huge.

he next day, the Sun Domers have gathered tens of wizards, and with the aid of a troop Humakti and the party, they intend to kill the chaotic breeder in one blow.  The plan fails, and hundreds of little gorps escape, but the backup plan that is in place works: the entire area is cleared out, only few are wounded, and only lightly, and the scourge of the Zola Fel is lifted. The Sun Domers are grateful, albeit with the usual reservations.  They allow teh adventurers to restock damaged weapons and supplies, before offering them another boat to get back to Pavis.  They hook up with their friend, Storm Voice Ademin.  He has been loyally waiting with their goods, and bids them farewell after they loaded the 7 crates onto the Sun Domer boat.  Ademin continues south, after advising Herculon to become an acolyte as soon as possible, and learn consecrate.  Services too Orlanth are necessary, and much too rare these days.  As the barge sailed north, Ademin sung a song of storms and winds.  If only the Sun Domers would realize exactly what the cargo was...

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