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The Old Air Temple

1622, End of the Earth Season


After their encounter with the evil Shaman, the party takes some well deserved Recovery in Swenstown. During the evening outing the party runs into a bunch of Lunar soldiers, and they barely avoid a bar brawl. The next morning they leave Swenstown, en route for the Old Wind Temple, when they run into a Lunar worker hamlet. Raiko and Jaya decide to sneak into the campment, but Jaya is spotted, and three guards head forward. When the guard realize who they are up against, they change plans, and although Raiko and Herculon finish off one guard each, they third one escapes through the portal.

A wyvern Patrol: this might hurt

The party does not want to wait around for the rest of the Lunar garrison to arrive, and they make a run for it. They are spotted by a wyvern rider, but manage to escape nonetheless, until they take a false turn and stupidly run into a Lunar Patrol with two wyvern riders. The lunar sorcerer immediately start casting a Red Lune, but is burned to charcoal seconds later by Herculon's lightning spell. The rest of the guard charges, and Jaya barely escapes death when one of the wyverns take a bite out of her. The other beast attacks Daerius, who fails his parry. By this time, Giomanach is casting palsy, and manages to down one of the beasts. It takes two more lightning spells from Herculon to finish the fierce dragonbreed off. The victors take home the nice scale hide.


A good mood.

The party now tracks back, and finds the correct road to the Old Wind Temple, but are spotted by a Marble Phalanx Patrol, who block the road to the temple just outside the reach of the temple magic. Another fierce battle ensues, and again the party is unable to shove aside the powerful warriors, until Giomanach starts throwing around stones with his Animate Stone sorcery. The Lunars understand they might actually get in trouble, and decide to fight another day. Our heroes gain access to the Old Wind Temple.



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