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Herculon becomes a Storm Acolyte

1622, End of the Earth Season

The reception committee

The party is received in the great hall, and encounters a number of famous Orlanthi. The High Priest tells them about the underground maze, and the acolyte challenge, and Herculon decides to take the test. The tunnels are magical in nature, and tend to change layout depending on the situation. They can lead to the evil town of Karse, into the Troll Woods, or into the ancient chaos remnants underground. The party decides to aid Herculon - passing the test of leadership - and they descend into the catacombs. Most of the threats are taken care of without too much trouble, but a headhunter poses a big problem. The beast carries a sorcerer's head and it has Daerius marked. The monster attempts to cut of the party using darkwall, but this is averted three times in a row, and the party understands they have no choice but to advance - passing the test of strategy - and hack the evil being to bits.


Skeleton agression.

The party then advances into another room filled with skeleton remains, and they rightly expect a trap - passing the test of insight - and walk in anyway - passing the test of courage. Sure enough, the bones form into skeletons, and it takes the party quite a bit of trouble to get the better of the undead, with Herculon narrowly escaping l;osing a leg and prematurely ending the examination.Herculon distinguishes himself with four decapitations. Daerius also fights bravely, and separates two skeleton heads from their bodies. After the fight the party returns a magical sail to the High Priest, and Herculon becomes a proud Acolyte of Orlanth. The party has some opportunity to do business with some of the traders in the temple, and Giomanach puts in an order for a silver dwarven axe with Ironmound the dwarf. The party also finds a master leatherworker that can turn the dragonscale skin into armor.
After the test and ceremony the party decides to continue their travels, and they take the tunnels to the Troll Woods. There, they are quickly spotted by Troll patrols, but the haste cast by Giomanach makes them too swift for any opposition to organize, and they make it out of the dark troll woods in a record time. As they re-enter Heortling territory, they run into a village with a peculiar visitor. A talking wyvern has convinced some of the villagers to become his followers, and this creates enmity in the clan. Things get out of hand, and a fight ensues, in which Giomanach suffers a serious wound. The wyvern is slain, and another dragonscale hide is looted.


Beware of false prophets!

The party take the road to Whitewall, the last bastion of Orlanthi freedom, and here they find another leatherworker. The last day of Earth Season, the party spends in Whitewall.


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