zaterdag 12 november 2011

Indrodar and the acolyte

1618. Fire Season. Harmony. Windsday

Hund, a Humakti Acolyte, played by Ben
Hjotra from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Dominique
Gust, a Grey Dog noble youth, played by Bram
Hildigrim from the Grey Dog, played by Patrick

he murder on the Yelmalio Runelord has alarmed the Lunars. From Boldhome comes word that the culprit must be captured. Divination has revealed the deadly blow has been struck by a young Humakti and some of his acquaintances. The Lunar guard have serious suspicions the party is hiding at the Humakt Stead, as several of their informers have reported a party of adventurers arriving in the Grey Dog Tula late on the 9th, coming from the east. The Indrodar claim they are in the middle of a ceremony preparation and refuse the Lunars entry, and the prospect of facing three Swords does not entice the guard captain. So he decides to wait.
Meanwhile, inside the Stead, the high priest talks to Hund and his party. The Stead is completely surrounded, and there is no easy way out. One option is to break through the guard blockade, or fight to the death trying. Although this prospect seems a good one, the high priest sees another option, albeit somewhat unhumakti. But the unusual twist might just fool the Lunars. As Hund becomes more and more convinced that sacrificing his life to the Indrodar is his rightful path, the high priest proposes to pretend that Hund has admitted to have committed the murder against cult orders, and therefore has chosen dishonourable death.

o fool the Lunars, a secret potion is brewn, and Hund's body is presented to the Lunars. It takes some convincing, but finally they swallow the story, and the Guard Captain lifts the siege and departs, ready to report the demise of the culprit.Hund agrees to take the acolyte rites immediately, and his fellows decide to join him in the HeroQuest he faces. He must face his immortal enemy. The party are assisted by the Indrodar and enter the Hero Plane. They arrive on a barren plain, with not a living soul in sight. They head east, until they run into what looks like a copy of the Humakt Stead. Spectral flames make it look like the Stead is one fire. The party arrive from the east and arrive at a bridge, a dragon is standing on the other side. The dragon is floating, and looks more like a dragon statue that an actual dragon. As the mythical animal does not seem alarmed in the least by the approaching party, Hund carefully crosses the bridge, and touches the dragon. Immediately he is under attack from the dragon statue's powerful spirit.He quickly loses the spirit combat, only to find out he is not possessed by the spirit. When he opens his mouth, spectral flames spew forth, and Hildigrim, standing just in front, gets seriously hurt by the unexpected eruption.A sense enemies reveals that the Stead is full of them, and as soon as they approch, skeletons pour out to attack them. The lesser skeletons are easily dispatched of, and even the larger skeletons and a mummie quickly find eternal rest at the hands of our gang.

fter the fight, the party enters the duplicate Stead, and they find some weird characters in the basement. One of them turns out to be Elmal, one is Chalana Arroy, and one looks just like Delecti, assuming someone knows what Delecti looks like. It is clear the appartitions are mere spectral projections, but when Hund charges Delecti, he quickly learns even a shadow of the Lord of the undead is a formidable foe, and it takes an intervention from Chalana Arroy to save Hund from almost certain death. After taking care of Delecti, instead of returning, the party decides to venture further into the plane, they run into a bear, that probably got sucked up in the Heroquest because of their venture, and it takes a bit of luck to find an exit and return to the mundane plane in one piece. Hund returns an acolyte, and decides to have a long hard think about the rest of his life.

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