zaterdag 22 oktober 2011


 1618. Sea Season. Truth. Godday

Aylwin from the Orlmarth - Colymar Tribe, played by Philip
 Ranath, a Lhankor Mhy student, played by Ben 
Odd, who moves in the shadows, played by Kristof
Ulic, a sorcerer apprentice from Tarsh, played by Alexander

The chaos contingent attacks near the Grey Dog Inn bridge
fter their clash with the Scorpion Man and the Broos, the party retreated back to Grey Dog.  After a reinforcing meal, while they inform the Tula Council of what has perspired, the guards call the alarm: a threat has been seen approaching near the Grey Dog bridge: the Chaos gang has returned.  The party tries to set up an ambush near the bridge, but is quickly outmaneuvered by the Scorpion Man who crosses the river rather than the bridge.  As Aylwin tries to charge into one of the Broo from horseback, the Scorpion Man attacks Ulic and Ranath near the bridge.  Although unarmoured, the sorcerer and sage make a stand, and with a bit of luck, Ulic manages to hit the Scorpion Man with Palsy, on the thorax.

Odd crosses the bridge and tries to finish off the floored Broo, and Aylwin attack another broo crossing the river.  Odd has a hard time dealing serious damage, and things take too long: Aylwin has unmounted the warhorse and turns out to be no match for the Broo, he is hit and bled, and in dire need of healing.  It takes a bold dash from Odd to save the hunter from imminent death.  Meanwhile the two students are still fighting the Scorpion Man.  Ranath is hitting the beast furiously, and after minutes of hammering, the beast's armor starts to degrade, creating an opening near the thorax.  Meanwhile Ulic is dividing his attention between the Broo and the scorpion man, trying to control the fight and palsy the enemies.  This takes a lot of time, but in the end it succeeds.  The Scorpion Man is finished off, and after a long fight our heroes win the day.
The party is then informed that during the fight, a young girl has been kidnapped on the other side of the Tula, and that one of the captors has been caught.  They brutally interrogate the culprit before killing him, and learn that once again the Gagarthi in the Stead in the woods are behind the attacks and the kidnapping.  They learn about links between the Lunars and the Gagarthi, and conclude that their best chance for success is to go lie in ambush near the Stead of the robbers and try and intercept the young girl and/or a messenger.  It takes a lot of patience before anything happens, but it seems their hunch was right.  A small boat with the girl on board and two robbers is launched at night, and the party is witness to the proceedings.  They also notice Miskar and his accomplice seeing the captured girl and her escort off.
Aylwin is surrounded by the Gagarthi and taken prisoner
Because of the strong current and their centralized position, they find they are in a bad position, and in a bad call to react more quickly, Odd alarms the bandits when trying to call his horse.  The Rune Lord invokes some powerful divine magic quickly, and a gang of robbers pours out of the Stead within seconds.  In the chaos, Aylwin fire a multimissile at Miskar, and does some damage, and Miskar sends his wolf, who spots Odd and heads for him at lightning speed.  Odd has to jump for his life, and the Wolf now attacks Ulic.  Miskar casts more spells, demoralizing 2 party members, and Ulic is seriously wounded by the wolf and falls unconscious.  This is bad timing, with a dozen bandits approaching, and a furious Rune Lord hovering through the trees.
Aylwin and Odd do a final attempt to rescue their partner, and while Aylwin holds off the Wolf Odd manages to heave Ulic onto the horse.  Ranath drives off, Odd sneaks away as stealthily as he can, and all of a sudden Aylwin is the only one that remains visible.  The wolf is on him, Miskar behind, and the robbers quickly surround him and take him prisoner.  The rest of the party escape with their life, but it was a close call, and Miskar turns out to be a more fearsome opponent than expected.

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