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A case of protection...

1618. Sea Season. Truth. Godday

Aylwin from the Orlmarth - Colymar Tribe, played by Philip
Blanka from the Ernaldori - Colymar Tribe, played by Bram
Gunnar 'the devoted' Gunnarson from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Gunther
Ranath, a Lhankor Mhy student, played by Ben 
Ulic Qel-Droma, a Bagnot resident from Tarsh, played by Alexander

pon arrival at the Grey Dog Inn, our heroes learn that their trader contact has returned home, and the Innkeeper is reluctant to disclose the trader's home address.  So the adventurers have little alternative to getting a room.  Blanka hires a very cheap room, but gets a nasty surprise when she is attacked by a giant caterpillar with an attitude, and almost dies, if not for the help of her fellows.  But she did save a few coppers.
Quentin Longbrewer, the innkeeper, feels responsible for what happened, and the fact that the party is not pushing for compensation endears them to him somewhat and he offers them free breakfast the next morning.  Our heroes sit waiting for most of the day, until the trader returns, and they quickly finalize business, almost forgetting their stash of looted weaponry in the hurry.  Since they are offered free supper as well, they decide to stay another night.  Next day at breakfast two burly looking barbarians enter and Quentin takes them into the kitchen.  The party immediately get a bad feeling about the two fellows, and they try to listen in to the conversation, but discover the kitchen is empty.  They quickly discover the trap in the floor, and manage to overhear how the two thugs put pressure on Quentin to pay a protection fee.  Quentin is not impressed, and warns the two to get out, when Aylwin decides to bravely jump down the trapdoor to come to the innkeeper's aid.  Sadly, he misses his jump and lands flat on his belly, missing the two outlaws completely.  They climb up the ladder, and leave the kitchen, the party in pursuit.  A fight ensues, with Ranath joining in from the Lhankor Mhy temple across the street.  They quickly discover a backup party of 2 more thugs in a dark alley nearby.  Aylwin bravely charges forward, and quickly disptaches with the notorious Elrund the butcher.  The party also kill  Gagrid, but just when they want to loot the victims, the Lunar Guard arrives on the scene.  Some exceptional talking keeps them out of the claws of the law, and they return to the inn.
Miskar the racketeer
he next day they notice the inn is very silent when they awake.  Quentin and his wife lie on the floor, bleeding profusely.  The Lhankor Mhy Priest manages to staunch the bleeding of Quentin, but his wife does not survive.  It quickly becomes clear the racketeers have a hand in this, and the party decides to split up and investigate further.  Blanka, now having gained the trust of Quentin, learns that the old warrior and innkeeper is an alchemist, and Blanka is accepted as his lay member.  Ulic, frustrated with his inability to advance in the arts of sorcery, decides to join a Lunar sorcery cult, unaware of exactly what this entails.  Ranath goes back to the temple to investigate, and Aylwin and Gunnar run into a pair of assassin guild operatives sent to dispatach them.  However, with Gunnar's astute perception the assassins are unable to properly prepare, and the ambush is foiled.  Our heroes are covered in wounds, but the death-dealers have gotten a dose of their own recipe.  The party realizes that they are now on the hitlist of the thugs, and they decide to take the fight to them.  Some further investigation quickly makes clear where the operation headquarters is, and they go and take a look.  It is clear immediately that they have little chance in a straight fight, and they change tactics: they set up an ambush of their own, and ensnare two thugs that come collecting at the smithy.  They murder all four of them, but not before mind reading some very valuable information about the gang they are facing.  The leader of the gang is or has been an important member of the Gagarthi, and his name is Miskar.  He is wearing an eye-patch.  His lieutenant is called Aguilo, and the gang has about 10 more full members, plus a large contingent of aides, runners and initiates.  They occupy a farm, and force the peasants to stand guard and work for the gang, keeping their families hostage to ensure their cooperation.  With both sides now well aware of the presence and danger the other party represents, who will take the next step?

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