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Visit Amazing Quackford!

1618. Sea Season.Stasis. Clayday

Characters partaking:
Drayin from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Dani 
Kemal from the Hiording - Colymar Tribe, played by Dominique
Indra Karanendottir, a Hiording noble from the Karanen Bloodline, played by Florence

fter his trip to Clearwine, Old Man Village and Grey Dog Village, Hiording Cottar Kemal has an uneventful trip back to Swan Town, where he meets with fellow clan members Drayin and Indra.  He tells them about the encounter with the cave troll, and the bronze plate armor they exchanged for four sets of bronze on cuirbuilli lamellar.  The clansmen agree to travel to Old Man Village again, in order to collect the first set of armor.  The armorer agreed to make one set of armor every week, inbetween his other duties.  In order to avoid having to spend the night in the wilds, the party agress to leave at first light, and the next day the journey commences at the break of dawn of what looks like it's going to be a sunny day.  The first hours of the trip are uneventful, not counting a Lunar patrol that quickly leaves the party alone once they realise there's a noble traveling with them.  They reach the edge of the Colymar wilds before noon.

s the companions walk alongside the Starfire Ridge, just after entering the Wilds, they are under attack from a gang of undead skeletons.  The mindless beings are easily dispatched, and the party advances unscathed.  Within the hour, they pass the Asborn Stead, and start following the edge of the Colymar Wilds, all the way to the source of the Nymie River.  They arrive at the spring lake in the early evening, and follow the course od the Nymie River in the direction of Old Man Village.  The last leg of the trip takes them almost 4 hours, and they arrive at the fork in the River at dusk.  In the dark, as they get ready to cross the creek that leads into the Ridges, they find themselves under attack from a gang of robbers.  Rather than trying to fight them off, they decide to make a run for it and get across safely.  They arrive late at night, but are luacky enough to get some rooms at the Inn.  

he next morning, the companions head to the local shoppe annex armorer and sell the old weaponry taken of the skeletons the previous day.  Kemal gets his lamellar armor.  The party then decides to head for Boldhome.  They agree to travel to Quackford, the duck town lying near the Royal Road. They leave the 32nd in the morning, and arrive in Quackford around noon.  Instead of immediately taking the Road though, they enter the local Pub and spend several hours gambling and drinking, much to the frustration of Indra, who realises her status of Noble becomes less and less valuable as they leave the tribal grounds, and with it her authority over the cottars fades.  During the afternoon they start talking with a fellow in the pub, and when he learns of their intention to travel to Boldhome, he convinces them to take the boat instead.  Without much thinking, both cottars pay the entire fare in advance.  Indra decides to return to familiar territory.  The still have to find room for the night though.  They only accomodation they can find, is a communal sleeping dorm in the poor part of town, much to Indra's disgust.  Our heroes make the best of it, and what with the drinking, they quickly lie fast asleep, when the other patrons, intrigued by the impression of relative wealth, decide to try and steal some stuff of the rich barbarian princess.  Drayin awakes and calls the alarm, and a fight ensues.  Half a dozen duck try to subdue the party, but they fail miserably, and once again the Hiording band prevails.  They decide to call the guard, rather than finish off the thievish Ducks, and although the thieves deny any wrongdoing, they turn out to carry some of Indra's valuables on them.  The guard has no choice but to believe the party, and escort the culprits to jail.

n the 33rd, the weather has turned completely.  It's a downpour.  The trio awakens with a headache.  The Ducks refuse to leave in the rain, claiming that their boat will sink in this kind of weather, and the two cottar have little choice but wait.  It's not until noon that the weather improves and the Ducks agree to depart.  Ironically enough, the first stop turns out to be Clearwine, and since the Ducks refuse to let them pass the night on the boat, they have to fork out for lodging in Clearwine.  During dinner, they start a conversation with an older fellow, carrying expensive-looking black armor.  The man has a request: he is looking for some brave warriors to run an errand for him.  A scroll has been stolen from his master, and for reasons to do with the people in charge, they need someone from outside town to try and recover said scroll.  Our heroes agree, and they let their Alynxes try and track the thieves, with success.  The trail leads to a house in the gutter part of town, but before they can try and enter, they notice they are being followed by three hirsute henchmen.  The situtation turns into a fight quickly.  Two attackers charge, the third performing protective magic, and things look very bad, when a sudden stroke of luck changes the scene: now it is two against two, and although the robbers are good fighters, they are no match for the barbarians.  Upon looting the robbers, it turns out one of them carries quite some valuable items, including a power storage crystal and various gems...

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